Anna Laicāne

Anna Laicāne

Riga, Latvia

About Anna Laicāne

"It is light and color that intrigues me most as a painter. Just like life, everything changes depending on the light. There may not be, perhaps, an objective reality, but it might be an opportunity to look for more beautiful reality. There is a choice of looking at certain things, events, people or landscapes. And there is also a choice what to see in them.

The feeling for my cityscapes, human motives and birds is well inspired by music. I choose the proper music to set the right mood which helps the ideas to crystallize into the shape of paintings.

My primary interest are clear colors and tonal harmony. I enjoy finding the right set of colors that depicts feeling of flash."


Art Academy of Latvia (2008 BA, 2010 MM of Fine Art, painting)
2004 Rezekne Art and Design Secondary School


Selected solo exhibitions:
2019 "Dogs and Pigeons in the Light", Jurmala City Museum, Latvia
2016 Unnamed, Estúdio RAIZVANGUARDA, Bordeiro, Góis, Portugal
2015 "On The Road", Riga International Airport, Latvia
2015 "On The Walkside", Jekabs Gallery, Riga, Latvia
2014 "Green Light", POP – UP Gallery, Riga, Latvia
2013 "City of Mermaids", Art Gallery 99, Copenhagen, Denmark
2013 "Mandarins and Sunlight", Daugava Gallery , Riga, Latvia
2007 "Marmalade", Museum of Preili, Latvia

Selected group exhibitions:
2019 Second International sea - themed biennale Marina 2019, exhibition, catalogue, Jurmala City museum, Latvia
2019 Nature, Object, Subject, History and Art Museum of Gederts Elias, Jelgava, Latvia
2018 Competition/Exhibition ARTBOX. PROJECT New York 1.0, ARTBOX. GALLERY, New York, USA
2018 International painting plein-air and exhibition The Brightness of the Owl Mountain, Kaunas, Lithuania
2018 illustrations for book "100 Latvian folk tales"
2017 International painting plein-air, exhibition “The colours of Vilnius, Lithuania
2016 International painting plein-air, exhibition, calendar, Ventspils, Latvia
2015 The painting of Year, A. Suna Gallery, Riga, Latvia
2014 Marine 2014, exhibition and catalogue, Jurmala City museum, Latvia
2014 Participation in Luciano Benetton project, exhibition and catalogue Imago Mundi – Contemporary Artists from Latvia
2013 Latvian artist exhibition, Sed Arte Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia
2013 “My Sailing Ship”, Jekabs Gallery, Riga, Latvia
2013 POP - UP Gallery project for Contemporary Art, Riga Gallery, Latvia
2010 "Colors and Lines", Riga Art Space, Latvia
2010 Exhibition of Prof. Zarins and Prof. Naumovs faculty students, Global Art Room. com Gallery, Riga, Latvia
2009 BREDERLO – VON SENGBUSCH Art Premium, Art Academia of Latvia, Riga
2007 SEB grant in painting, Art Academy of Latvia, Riga
2006 1 st prize at the International Competition ART SESSIO, Vitebsk, Belarus
2005 International Photography En Plein air, exhibition Everyday Colours of Life, Antalia, Turkey
2005 Exhibition/Competition “New language”, Bastejs Gallery, Riga, Latvia