bruce klein

bruce klein

modesto,ca, CA, United States

About bruce klein

While working on a PhD in philosophy at U.C. Berkeley, I discovered painting.It become my life's work. But why be an artist?
The answer; painting offered the possibility of discovering truths in a way not available in philosophy .. Not grand abstract ideologue truths but small empirical truths . Experiences we only have poor or no words to describe.. I hope to trap those experiences in the vary medium of paint.


My art education has two parts:formal and informal.
My formal education:
I studied with Joan Brown and Elmer Bischoff getting a honors B.A. in art at U.C. Berkeley.
My informal education
My informal education occurred with Henry Brandon-a artist associated with the Society of Six in the Bay Area. For years we drew and painted landscapes and figures together.

The Bay Area figurative tradition ,and more recently the works of British figure painters--Lucien Freud,and Evan Uglow have inform my figurative work.
My abstract work stems from Rothko, and Sean Scully but explores a different range of emotions,and experiences.
In all my works, the overaching influence is Matisse.,particularly his joyous sense of beauty.

My University education, 3/4/ PhD in Vistual Aestherics at U.C. Berkeley; two M.A.'s one in philosophy from in counseling psychology from Hayward State; Two honor degrees, one in art from Berkeley; one in sociology from Indiana University; registered
art therapist; licensed M.F.C.


Recently quoted by John Seed at HuffPost and on Painters Table about Elmer Bischoff.
Wrote a book "Chewy",published by EBury Press ,a division of Random House, published in English and German.


Please see my bio at my webpage, for complete details of shows,awards, and fellowships
Grants from the California Coastal Commission , The California Arts Council three years running; Guest Lecturer B.W.Tomlin Honorarium; Artist in Residence in Yosemite National Park ; show at Fresno Metropolitan Museum of Art, included in numerous state and national competitions