Hennie van de Lande

Hennie van de Lande

Breda, Netherlands

About Hennie van de Lande

To paint is very meaningful to me in multiple aspects: it enlightens me in dark times, it strengthens me in weak times, it answers my problems in difficult times, it comforts me in sad times.
To paint is vital to me.
I am gratefull and blessed be able to paint, it is a gift to me. By experiencing my art - my gift - I hope for others to feel blessed and grateful too.

Since Hennie was a child she had to learn to live with an irrepressible urge to create. After a travel (forced by physical illness) into her source of life and survival power she initially started painting as a therapy

Those , who look carefully at the used material, the used colors and (hidden) symbols might perchance discover a little of her source and powers.
Essential in the beautiful work of Hennie is not only to look, but to feel the paintings. You can see her art as abstract figurative. It depends on the way you look and experience it.

IT'S NOT WHAT YOU LOOK AT THAT MATTERS, IT'S WHAT YOU SEE, a quote found on her business card, illustrates Hennies view of art. This view is what makes Hennie special. She is able to let go of her own meaning of her artwork and let the viewer create their own.

Autodidact thoroughbred, as all her lessons, workshops and follow-up courses at well-known artists have changed her work, but her absolute individuality has always predominate.

I love to recreate, things that are old, broken, or lived inspire me in my work.
My attempt is to change vulnerability into firmness with adjustments of contradictions in my own way.

You can see her work in several galleries or by appointment in her studio


National Artdays AHOY Rotterdam 2012

Artist of the day at Saatchi Art 2014
Inside the studio 2015
Saatchi spring catalogue 2017, autumn 2017, spring 2018, spring 2019
Catalogue 2017 Artfinder

Several Art Commissions through Saatchi, Artfinder, Exto, Singulart
VISTO 2018

Article Klassik Magazine by Laura Gomez
Oktober 2018

VOGUE febr/mrt/apr 2019


Happy Living at Breda, Vladimir+Hiemstra at Eindhoven, Art Trading at Ulvenhout, Galerie Segeren te Breda, Galeria del Arte te Breda, Mirabelle at Breda, Imiho at Amsterdam, National Artdays Ahoy Rotterdam 2012 selected from the Regional art days

Breda's Museum nov 2015
Court Dordrecht
ASWA jan.2016-juli 2017
Kunstfabriek 2017