Denisa Kolarova

Denisa Kolarova

Bratislava, Europe, Slovakia

About Denisa Kolarova

In the remarkable evolution of Kolářová’s work over the last decade, she has harnessed and redirected these currents of Vienna Secession, Der Blaue Reiter, and symbolism along with fauvism, orphism, primitivism, and surrealism. There are visual ripples from Klimt, the Wiener Werkstätte, and Csontváry, also, from greater distances, Redon, the Delaunays, Dubuffet, and Miró. Clear influences by twentieth-century masters, and Czecho-Slovakness, is evident; and also an individual revelations of Kolařova as an artist in color and form.

Kolářová’s art is distinctly East Central European but indelibly her own: sinuous, mystic, rich in color, intricate in detail, and inventive in its combinations of materials. Dragonfly (2008) captures a moment for a feverish insect as Klimt might have portrayed a coolly intellectual Viennese hostess. Tender (2010) is tensed between the painterly and naturalistic, between soothing colors and taut strokes. Schizophrenia (2012) combines humanity, linearity, and a haunting wound with deep textural pleasure. Each of Kolářová’s works makes one think, but never in a way coldly detached from the shapes and shades of real things or from paint and the joy of applying it. They confront crisis but explore beauty even in the midst of crisis. The golden dragonfly (2010) captures by the way it dominates the frame of the picture; its appearance of kineticness in a fixed medium; the detail (particularly of the wings), which is something artists often dispense with in abstractions; the focus of the palette; the contrasting energies of the verticals, horizontals, and spots and the way they also waver in their strength. Thinking about it, it is actually the detail on the body of the dragonfly that is more unusual and interesting.
James Papp


Comenius University, Bratislava, Slovakia


Open Studio:
Annually in October

2019 - Art Symposium - Lehnice, Slovakia
2013 - Pune, India
2012 - Cité Internationale des Arts - Paris, France


2020 Bratislava, CompanyArt - Abstracts
2020 Modra, Zoya Museum - Saloon of Artist
2020 Bratislava, Café Gallery - Revelations
2020 Bratislava, DoubleTree by Hilton - Winter ArtMix
2020 Prague, Palmovka Theater - Miracles Factory
2019 Modra, Zoya Museum - Saloon of Artist
2019 Lehnice - International Symposium
2018 Modra, Zoya Museum - Saloon of Artist
2018 Bratislava, BC Kerametal, Inner Bells
2018 Bratislava, Audi Exclusive Gallery, ArtMix2018
2017 Modra, Zoya Museum - Saloon of Artist
2017 Slovak National Theatre Bratislava, ART
2016 Modra, Zoya Museum - Saloon of Artist
2016 Piestany, Woman about Woman to Woman
2015 Bratislava, Tribute to Philately
2015 Modra, Zoya Museum - Saloon of Artist
2015 Velka Budafa Annual Show, Slovakia
2014 Modra, Zoya Museum - Saloon of Artist
2014 Bratislava ICE Bar, Black - Tribute to Andy Warhol
2013 Cerveny Kamen, Saloon of Artists
2013 Sturovo, People of India
2013 Pune, India
2013 Bratislava: Paris
2012 San Crispino, Italy, award: "Giovani Emergenti"
2012 Art+Wine=Moods, Bratislava, Slovakia
2012 Bratislava, Slovakia
2011 Bratislava, Slovakia
2010 Bratislava, Slovakia
2010/2009/2008 Velka Budafa Annual Show, Slovakia