James Dooley

James Dooley

, Sweden

About James Dooley

Searching for wilderness.

My pictures explore our relationship with nature and wild places in particular. Within this, I am looking at the concepts of 'natural' and 'unnatural'. For example even here in the remote part of Sweden where I now live the marks of human activity are hard to avoid, be it the electricity network that carves and criss-crosses through the forest, or the language of modern logging written in fluorescent tape and markings on the trees.
Much of what we percieve to be natural is in fact man made.
Also here are empty houses from previous times where people have been overcome by nature, unable to survive and forced to make a new start in another land. There is a strong melancholy here.


Featured in Lenscratch exhibition December 2017 Let it Snow

Pictures featured in F Stop magazine issue 64

worked featured in Fototazo

Group show Black Box gallery, Denver