ezio minetti

ezio minetti

ovada-alessandria, piemonte

About ezio minetti

Ezio Minetti has kept something of his youthful experience in the world of fashion: the enjoyment for objects and a tactile pleasure for materials.
Everyday objects, that people often do not use anymore, but that still have an affective value, are transformed by Ezio into icons of memory.
So a dress of a doll (that you can't see, but that you can imagine from the sign it leaves on the canva), becomes a symbol of a female universe that is playful but also temptative.
If a poetry of objects is present, it is absolutely casual and temporary, not researched at all costs.
Really it is something that stands in the middle; the artist realizes his sensibility in the objects that casually ( but how much casually?) stands in front of him.So the object brings within itself an idea, an emotion, an affective pulsion.
Once you "meet" the object, here is the rubbing, the use of a material that is its opposite, like an anti-rust on a linen blouse, to create a change in the name of the absolute, where only temporariness was present just an instant before.
Trying to stop the moment! To do this, a sensual use of matter is necessary, where the object is torn from everyday life, and it is brought outside the temporary dimension.
Making the object HIS OWN , the artist chooses a particular object( as a personal sign) like a pair of glasses. He likes it instinctively, and draws it several times on different materials, like old papers gone yellow by time and memory. More recently an unscrupolous use of matter and colour has been made: the result is a ceramics pair of glasses, where the violence of matter is opposite to the primitive seriousness of the object, or macro glasses drawn on a white background that suggest an idea of seeing-not seeing and the mean is the real message.
Like the pink heart-shape glasses of the film "Lolita", by Kubrick ,were an instrument of seduction, the glasses created by Ezio represent the concept of "reading-not reading" a much more changing and ambiguous reality.
Glasses like a metaphor, as a mean of knowledge, open to doubts, which are the base of human fairy tale, or (as a society observer says), the "liquid society" into which we are immersed.



Collettiva "Take away art" Galleria Pow Torino
Collettiva "Rapporto annuale 2010" sala Espositiva Sligge Ovada (AL)
Collettiva "L'Italia riparte dall'Arte e dall'Artigianato" Castello di Susa (TO)
Collettiva "La leggerezza della scultura" Parco dell'Arte a Cerrina (AL)
Personale "Sligge mon amour" sala Espositiva Ovada (AL)
Collettiva al Casello di Montaldo Torinese org. POW Gallery (TO)
Partecipo con la Galleria P O W di Torino alla fiera d'arte contemporanea Kunstart di Bolzano
Personale "Luce in valle" Torre dei Signori di Quart Aosta
Collettiva Rapporto annuale 2009 - sala Espositiva Sligge Ovada (AL)
Collettiva Che occhi grandi hai! Favole d'artisti di ieri e di oggi. Galleria San Fedele Milano
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Installazione "La mia via crucis" a Villa Rossi - GENOVA
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Collettiva Carta Canta Ovada sede dell'Associazione culturale "2 sotto l'ombrello" - Ovada (Al)
Collettiva a Castellazzo Bormida organizzata dalla Galleria Gamondio (AL)
partecipato al Festival di Sorli (AL)