Hye-jeon Kim

Hye-jeon Kim

deagu, deagu, South Korea

About Hye-jeon Kim

Hye-Jeon Kim has MAF in fine arts from the keimyoung university in korea. She had 4 solo exhibitions and praticipated several group exhibitions which was held in korea. She won the grand prize at the Grand Arts Exhibition of Daegu and various other contests. She recomposes nature, things, animals and figures available nearby and tried to represent the inside of men metaphorically through symbolism, coping with the limitation.
She explained her own works. "An artist shows his/her own inner world or a subjective writer's consciousness, but after all, could not but speak of the life of the contemporary age. I myself, as a modern, also tried to represent the sense of alienation or the emotion of loneliness in the conflict caused by diversified relations through the visual arts painting.
It is my work coming in the purifying procedure to heal myself and communicate with the world through my own space, recognizing through my works the sense of alienation and the emotion of loneliness the moderns feel."


master's degree. Department of Fine Arts Keimyung University graduate


2011 . The Deagu art festival- Grand prize,
other multiple award


2021- 'March', Daegu artcenter, Daegu, South Korea,
(2021.3.30 - 2021.4.4)
2020- Jeon tea-il Memorial Hall Donation exhibition
'beautiful people' Daegu, Art space Lumos
2020- ' artium Jeonju' - jeonju, South Korea, (2020.10.24-2020.10.25)
2020- 'Pendamic&Daegu' , Daegu artcenter, Daegu, south Korea (2020. 8. 19- 2020. 8. 29)
2019- ' Into the warmth', KyungPook National University Hospital, Healing Gallery, Daegu, South Korea ( 2019.12.1- 2020. 1.31)
2019- Deagu, Eye of Contemporary Art, Deagu artcenter, deagu, South Korea (2019.7.31-8.11)
2019- 'with' the 5th solo exhibition , Sinwon gallery, Gyeongju, South Korea( 2019.5.27-2019.6.23)
2019- 2019 BUSAN ANNUAL MARKET OF ART(2019. 4. 25- 2019.4.29)
2018- '2018Art Market Stamp- Tour In Jeon Ju, Jeon Ju (2018.10.18- 2018.10.28)
2018- ' the island' 4th solo exhibition, Wind Trace Art Museum, namhae, south Korea( 2018.9.29- 2018. 10.26)
2018- Daegu, Modern Art Self-portrait , Daegu artcenter, Daegu, South Korea (2018.8.16-8.26)
2018- 'family' HAEUNDAE CULTURAL CENTER(3.4~3.19)
2017- 2017 Collection by hwimok
2017- "blossom into a flower" 3th solo exhibition, Bongsan Cultural Center
2017 - 'ㅁ ㅗ ㅁ 그리다(dwaw body), Deagu artcenter, deagu, South Korea
2016 - '스며들다( steal over)' , space129 gallery, deagu, South Korea
2016 - 2016 ASYAAF & Hidden Artists Festival
Seoul DDP, South Korea
2014 - solo exhibition, The wind mark art museum, namhea , South Korea
2012- 'small masterpiece' Lotte gallery, deagu, South Korea
2012- 'rendezvovs' AND gallery, deagu, South Korea
2012- '2012 ASYAAF', Seoul, Korea
2012- 'the4 nude drawing', Japan
2010-2015 'emothion 304'