maha rukab

maha rukab

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, United Arab Emirates

About maha rukab

To Maha: Art depicts her life journey ...
A Divine Gift to nurture and realize her Faith and Spiritual Growth.
A vessel to convey the real purpose of art.
Her Hometown Ramallah, Palestine where she lived till age 21, had a great impact on her art.
A Palestinian, born in Jerusalem, currently living in Dubai. Her modern abstract art is
A Call for Peace, from the Holy Land,
A Science student, attached to nature. There, in Ramallah, her Peace Prayer began. The Peace like no other, the Peace of Christ Jesus to the entire Humankind.
At age 33, her first attempt with art was a Pencil Drawing course but realized the need for a free flowing, more diffusive flexible approach. Was directed to Watercolor Painting courses (Dubai Art Center, 1994-1997).
Self taught Acrylic painting on paper and canvas (2008 - present).

Painting lightens up soul burdens and enlightens times of dim spirits. The beauty of the simplest artwork, gives insights into creative abilities and means of developing masterpieces following the Spirit-led insight.
Meditating on the beauty of nature was her escape from hardships as change of focus. Seasonal change in all aspects of its beauty: the horizon, sky, mountains, trees mainly, Springtime, blossoms of various colors. It was like:
"Lord I see You in all the Works of Your Hands.
"Simple art reflecting a simple soul,
hoping the right piece of art and message of blessing finds the right seeker.
As Henri Matisse states:
"What I dream of is an art of balance, of purity and serenity devoid of troubling or depressing subject matter - a soothing, calming influence on the mind, rather like a good armchair which provides relaxation from physical fatigue."


BSc. Biology / Biochemistry ...
Montessori Teacher Training Diploma ...
CELTA/RSA Certificate (Cambridge University)
Nutrition Adviser: Advanced Principles of Nutrition, Children, Weight Loss, Sports.

Pencil Drawing
Watercolor painting courses between 1994-1997, Dubai International Art Center
Acrylic painting: self-taught on paper and canvas.
Collage Artworks produced from recycled paper and cardboard, etc. to produce exquisite artworks.


Corporate exhibitions with the Dubai International Art Center from 1994-2001
Dubai Ritz Hotel Exhibition of top 30 winners in
" My Country in the Year 2000 " Competition
Joined ARTE Market Displays in March, April, May, June and November 2018


Participated in all corporate exhibitions held by
Dubai International Art Center
between 1994-2001
Dubai Ritz Hotel Exhibition of top 30 winners in
" My Country in the Year 2000 " Competition
Participated in Dubai International Art Center May 2018 Exhibition.
Signed a contract with Hub 1831 Cafe in Business Bay Avenue Mall, Dubai to exhibit between March-June 2018
Exhibited at More Cafe, Mercato Mall, Dubai, U.A.E. throughout October 2018