Shereen Elbarodi

Shereen Elbarodi

Giza, hadayk elahram, Giza, Egypt

About Shereen Elbarodi

Visual artist, born in upper Egypt, grown up in unique investment , love to experiment a lot of kind artists like printing, college, video art, sound art , some time organize group exhibition in Egypt and abroad to doing exchanges culture between artists and countries, the art is my language to express about my self.


PhD from faculty of art education, the title is the concept of the other in contemporary painting, 2016.
-master degree from faculty of art education, the title is spontaneous dynamism of expression approach, Egypt, 2009
Bc Faculty of Art Education, Helwan University, Egypt, 2003,


- The Lineup of Vasteras international Art Fair, Sweden, October
- Be part group exhibition , Rome, Italy, October
- The first international art symposium, Addis Ababa – Ethiopia, February
* The representation of Egypt in th14 International Art symposium at Yelabuga State Historical and Architectural Museum of – Russia, 2019
* Silk Road International arts festival in Xian , China
* International group exhibition, festival Kapsaminda, Nicosia, Cyprus
* Migration colors, APACA, contemporary Africa artist, Paris, France
-the book biennale &book project, in national museum of Romania.
- migration colors exhibition, with APACA, contemporary Africa artists, Paris, France.

-Luxor international symposium of painting, Luxor, Egypt.
-street light project at Roman Susan, Chicago, USA.
-Curator of in- between international group exhibition included 4 artists 4 major painting, photography and sculpture between 4 countries Belgium, Cyprus, Egypt and Slovakia,the first show in Egypt , 2017, second showing in Helsinki 2018 and Cyprus.
- organize intercity festival of video art included 14 films about different culture and accepting the other , Cairo opera house, 2017


Solos shows
*what’s next exhibition, cordoba Artgallery, Egypt, 2018
* stories exhibition, at capital gallery, Egypt, 2017
* poetry &maps exhibition, EUM gallery, Helsinki, Finland, 2017
* Exhibition " easy maps" at el Gezira art center , Egypt ,2014 .
*Exhibition “My Inner being &the world” at Nahdet Masr Gallery, Mahmoud Mokhtar Museum Egypt, 2010 .

International Group Exhibition :

-migration colors exhibition, in APACA, France.
-the 7 international Bijing binnale, National museum , Bijing, China.
-the first international salon at Elahram gallery, Egypt.
-intercity video art show, Italy & Mark Roth art center in Europe.
- group exhibition at new Jorg gallery, Belgium.
- the meeting line group exhibition, Nicosia, Cyprus.
-the contemporary Africa art exhibition, Paris, France.
- group exhibition at Artsmart gallery, Egypt.
- the General exhibition, place of arts, Cairo opera house, Egypt.
- international women day, uniscoo, Paris, France.
*1.International women Artist Residency -North Cyprus -2014.
*Biennale Art and Culture International
* international symposium organization by ostraka - sharm el sheikh, Egypt -2013.
* International Meeting of Turkish, Caucasian, Balkans, Central Asia and Arabic artists selcuk university, Konya -turkey - September 24,october 2013.
* Exhibition of Contemporary Egyptian Art, Nicosia – Cyprus-2010.

* A solo festival film – Milan- Italy 2010.

* Exhibition of contemporary art in Tripoli – Libya may -2009.

* Souls, guests – IRISH / ARABIAN, AVANT-GARDE FILM TOUR 2009.

* Exhibition the Middle Near-Far – Slovakia- June 2009.

* Exhibition of Contemporary Egyptian art Parallel to the book fair –Turin-Italy – May 2009 .

Local Group exhibitions :

* The 2nd upper Egypt salon- luxor,2014 .
* Diamond Jubilee of the Faculty of Art Education - Palace of Arts - Opera House - Egypt -2013.
* The General exhibition 34 , 35 - Egypt -2012 , 2013 .
* Salon of Youth 19 , 21 , 22 - 2008,2010 , 2011.
* Model Exhibition in Alexandria Atelier -2012.
* Biennale Port Said (Victory Forum 2012).
* Salon Small Exhibition (today) in Mahmud Mukhtar Museum 2011.
* Collective Exhibition Centre pyramid of Art 2013.
* The show's first third session Gezira Arts Center -2010.
* The third festival of art graffiti wall in Mahmud Mukhtar Museum 2010.
* painting Exhibition of the acquisition Arish National Museum of Antiquities in 2010 in El-Arish- Egypt .
* Exhibition of twenty and something in khan Almaghraby gallery, Egypt 2011.
* Contribution exhibition Roto in manesterly palace, Egypt 2009,2010.
* Contribution talaye in exhibition Society of Lover Fine Arts 2009,2010
* Contribution in Helwan exhibition of faculties of arts year 2007.
* Contribution in the ninth exhibition in college of fine arts year 2006.
* Contribution in individual & group exhibitions inside faculty of arts
education Helwan University year 2006.