Laura Ozola

Laura Ozola

Riga, Latvia

About Laura Ozola

Since her first independent works, the artist has adhered to a specific message by including various signs and symbols into her paintings. In her early paintings, she was more occupied with existential questions, but as time went by, her interest has strengthened in human relations, sexuality, love, and eroticism, as well as the capacity of the environmental significance. Her artistic handwriting shows a dual approach - expressively impulsive and coldly calculating - in both cases Laura Ozola uses what could be called feminine imagery: a delicate representation of her life experiences and the lessons learned.
The basis of “Horizon without Clouds” are her recent works containing a playful reflection of male-female relationships, treated generally in laconic, planar fields of contrasting colour. Laura Ozola plays out these gender games using not only the human form but also objects ranging from clothes to tropic fruit, thus underlining an important point of reference for one’s identity - the reflection in one’s beloved through which to better know oneself.


Art Academy of Latvia


In 2007, Laura Ozola both completed the conceptual painting master workshop taught by the Latvian painter, Ivars Heinrihsons, and received her master's degree from the Art Academy of Latvia.


Solo shows, “The Rabbit's Sauna” , in 2007, at the gallery Māksla XO. “Early Morning”, in 2009, at the art gallery Sky. “A Cloudless Horizon”, in 2012, at Mūkusala Art Salon. All of the above-mentioned exhibitions took place in Riga.