Ming Yuan

Ming Yuan

Beijing, Tongzhou District, China

About Ming Yuan

I'm an artist.I work in Beijing, China.My art, into my life.I make sculpture, and painting.


Graduated from The China Academy of Art


Born in October 1981 ,china
2007 graduated from the China Academy of Fine Arts
Living in Beijing since 2010


1.In 2011, the Beijing Today Art Museum, the Declaration of Independence "2011 giant cup of Contemporary Art Students Annual Awards Exhibition"
2.In 2011, Song Zhuang Wansheng Park Museum Art Archives 80 of "exhibition.
3.In 2012, Beijing twenty-two Court Street Art District Beijing Yi Wang Gallery Exhibition of four private wine for long
4.2013 years, Beijing Songzhuang Art Museum "we 1994-2013" - the twentyanniversary of China Songzhuang artists cluster Exhibition,The exhibition was songzhuang art gallery
5.2015 years, Beijing national agricultural exhibition hall, poly ten anniversary of Contemporary Art Fair qingfeng.