Anatolii Varvarov

Anatolii Varvarov

Kiev , Kiev, Ukraine

About Anatolii Varvarov

Varvarov Anatolii Viktorovich
Born 12. 02. 1967 in Kremenchug, Poltava region.
He graduated from the Dnepropetrovsk art school. EV Vucetic (1983-1987)
The National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture - (1990-1996)
Member of the Union of Artists of Ukraine. Got a category of art restorer of easel painting (1999).


National Academy of Arts. Ukraine, Kiev


Lives and works in Kiev.

Level of Freedom

The works presented in the catalogue convey the artist's abstract concept of inner freedom as a symbol of elevation over the aggressive social environment. His light and simple painting calls for viewers' memories of the peaceful and careless past. This charismatic artistic style of immediate awareness does not require any logical analysis as all images are familiar and utterly clear. The painter collects and shares with viewers some common sites of emotional pleasures like blue skies or rainy meditative landscapes. With regards to his painting Varvarov says, "When you look skyward you start dreaming of flying away from mundane fearful routine, aggressive news and depict those bright moments of flight and positive emotions on canvases and paper to preserve them for yourself, children, audience and history".
                                                                                                                                                UKM Uue Kunsti Muuseum works are in
| MONA The Museum of New Art, «SRC M17" NSH Ukraine, collections galleries «Soviart», «AVS ART», «RA», «Vernissage" and private collections in England, the USA, Germany, Canada, Italy, Chile, China, Estonia, Poland, Ukraine and Russia.
Solo exhibition "Miй шлях. My way. Mой путь."Association artgalerey Ukraine. Center for Contemporary Art "Soviart" 10.11.-12.03.2016. Kiev
The exhibition "Flights ..." Gallery SOVIART. 26.05- 17.06.2018 Kiev. The exhibition "Ukrainian Still Life" July 26-August 20, 2018 - Institute of Contemporary Art Problems (Kiev, Yevgeny Konovalets, 18th) exhibition "Temporary Autonomous Zone: Kiev Squats", 09/05/23/09/2018 squall gallery "Material evidence" Kiev. St. Reuterska 8b I-st ​​All-Ukrainian Triennial "NU-ART" 2018-19р m. Kremenchug
Jubilee exhibition for the 50th anniversary of KONSU. .1.02.-11.02. 2019r. House of the artist. Kiev
The exhibition "From the lantern" 28.02.- 17.03.2019r. Association of art galleries of Ukraine. Center for Contemporary Art "Soviart". Kiev
58 Venice Biennale of Contemporary Art May You Live in Interesting Times (to live in interesting times) UKRAINE 2019


Selected exhibitions:
The exhibition project "" (A 4, Pen), Karas Gallery, 28.12.14 -20.01.15g.
The exhibition project "Ordinary people" Gallery 8 bit 25.12.14.-30.01.2015. Kiev City.
XXII aktinäitus MEES JA NAINE | 22st nude art show MAN AND WOMAN Museum of Modern Art, 01.06.-31.08.2015g. Parnu, Estonia
The exhibition dedicated to the 50th anniversary of Oleg vote "approach trajectories", RA Gallery 31.05- 10.06.2015g. Kiev City.
Mystetskyi project "Spravzhnі ukraїntsі" 16-28.09.2015 r. NUAU m. Kyiv
International Festival ART LEVEL 08.-10.11.15 SRC M 17. Kiev.
- Christmas exhibition, SRC M17, Kiev;
- Ukrainian exhibition "200 Years of Taras Shevchenko" TSDHU, Kiev;
- Anniversary Exhibition "45 years KONSKHU" TSDHU, Kiev;
- The exhibition "PAUSE" squat on Olegovskoy, RA Gallery, Kiev;
- 21 international exhibition XXI aktinäitus MEES JA NAINE | 21st nude art show MAN AND WOMAN, Museum of Contemporary Art, Parnu, Estonia;
- "Moment of space", solo exhibition of painting, Beijing, China.
- Charity exhibition "Ukraine - єdina homeland" arts center "Chocolate House, Kiev;
- Cultural project "Ukrainian landscape. For the bіk vіdchayu" Art Arsenal, Kyiv.
-Blagotvoritelny Auction in aid to the victims fighters ATO, Ukrainian House, Kiev.

- "Eternity 2", RA Gallery, Kiev;
- "Artists paint" (A 4, ballpoint pen), Karas Gallery, Kiev;
- Festival of land-art Spring Wind / Springwindfest, Kiev;
- "Communication XXI" auction of contemporary Ukrainian art, Contemporary Art Museum of Ukraine, Kiev.
- "Scenic files", solo exhibition, Twins Gallery, Kiev ";
- "Direct projection", Art Center Ya.Gretera, Kiev;
- "Degree of freedom", solo exhibition, Gallery RA, Kiev;
- ART KYIV CONTEMPORARY VIII, the project "Ya this is my dream," Art Arsenal, Kyiv.

- «CE ESTE DE VANZARE?», RA Gallery, Kiev;
- "Modern Art", Auktsion№-1, Kyiv;
- «PAINTING FILES», solo exhibition, Gallery RA, Kiev;
- "Ukrainian Alternative XX" auction, "Ducat" auction house, Kiev;
- "Golden Section", auction №23, Kiev;
- ARTVILNIUS 12, Project Lendscape inside, RA Gallery, Vilnius;
- First Kiev International Biennale of Contemporary Art, the parallel program, gallery Soviart, Kiev;
- Communication XXI, House of Artists, Kiev;
- "Ukrainian Alternative XX" auction, "Ducat" auction house, Kiev;
- The exhibition "Squat on Olegovskoy" M17 Contemporary Art Center, Kiev.

- "Eternity", RA Gallery, Kiev;
- "Call", RA Gallery, Kiev;
  - "Golden Section", auction number 17, Kyiv;
- "Moment of space", solo exhibition, the space of the theater "Constellation", Kiev;
- "The Golden Mountains" campaign, mountain Schekavitsa, Kiev;
- The "Independent" - the new art of the new country 1991-2011, Art Arsenal, Kyiv;
- "Golden Section", auction, Kiev;
- The exhibition "Journey to the East", "Art-Kyiv contemporary2011», Art Arsenal, Kyiv;
- The project "Textbook of Physics", Institute of Contemporary Art, School of Visual Arts Gallery of Armenia, Kiev;
- "Golden Section", auction №21, Kiev.
Exhibition "Ukrainian landscape», Karas Gallery, 11. 08. -30.08.2016 Kiev
Solo exhibition "Miй шлях. My way. Mой путь."Association artgalerey Ukraine. Center for Contemporary Art "Soviart" 10.11.-12.03.2016. Kiev
Jubilee solo exhibition 30/50 Zavalnyi Art Center 14.01-12.02.2017, city of Kyiv st. Старонаводницька 31
Kyiv Landscape.Kievsky landscape .. Museum of History of Kyiv / Museum of History of Kyiv / Museum of Kyiv history 27.04.-05/17/2017 .. Kiev
Exhibition "Squat on the street. Olegovskaya "09 -29. 05.2017. Агенція промоції "Sumi" in the city of Sumy.
Exhibition "Skvot na Olegovskoy Project Summer 2017" 12.07-31.08.2017. Association of art galleries of Ukraine. Center for Contemporary Art "Soviart". Kiev
All-Ukrainian exhibition dedicated to the Day of Independence of Ukraine 22.08- 10.09. 2017. CHA. Kiev
M17 Contemporary Art Center Festival of contemporary Ukrainian art Art Seasons | Art Autumn Contemporary 06-15-10.2017
M17 Contemporary Art Center Personal exhibition "I live" 04.11.-10.11.2017. Center for Contempor