Bonnie Jean Lukin

Bonnie Jean Lukin

Bigfork, MT, United States

About Bonnie Jean Lukin

I am open to commission projects.

Photography has been my passion dating back to 1984. It expresses my feelings and the way I see Life.

I have never published my work. I am a retired senior citizen 73 years of age.

At this time in my life I have decided to share my work in hopes that others will be able to see, feel, and relate to my inspirations. I will be selling the originals and prints.

I have done professional photography for businesses, the chamber of commerce, and individual persons. I was a member of the photography club in Santa Cruz County, CA.

I wrote a book entitled "Survivals Cry for Change" copy written 1993. It consisted of text, prose, and poetry that related to my Photography. A New York publisher was interested in publishing my book. The book was personal to me, and so I chose not to publish it. One of the poems from the book I gave permission to be published in a book created by the Library of Congress. The poem won first prize in the poetry contest.

I have special photographs that were taken from the year 1984 though 1999 that are not digital, some that are from my book. These photographs are some of my most treasured works. Soon I will to share and market these on the Saatchi Art website. I have all the negatives and will be selling the originals and prints.

I trained in dance from the age of 5 years. With instructors from Russia, Japan, Spain, and the United States. I owned and operated The Santa Cruz Academy of Dance and Music that also encompassed drama. I taught all forms of dance and established the Santa Cruz Ballet Company.

My life has been colorful and meaningful. I am thankful.


I trained and performed in all forms of Dance. Beginning from the age of five years. I have Been educated in drama, acting, have taught dance, and performed in stage plays and productions. I was a English Major in school. I love and enjoy creative writing.

My life has connected me with many great instructors and artists many who have since passed on.

I embrace our world of art. I am blessed by this integral part of my life. It is of great value to me.

I strive to continue learning while making new memories and sharing with others what captures my eye and touches my heart, through my photography.


I am a Photographer who is just now coming out to show my works.

I have attended many art shows, fairs and events.