Iwona Handley

Iwona Handley

Wasaga beach , ON, Canada

About Iwona Handley

Iwona Handley is a Polish Canadian full time artist specializing in modern contemporary art. For her, art is a partnership between design and color, these are the aspects she uses to create images in which the process takes precedence and combines an abstract, decorative style with contemporary influences.

Her work is a process of creation and an investigation, to convey the nature of beauty and to reveal the discoveries which she makes while creating a painting. She works with layers of oil and acrylic colors painted over a plain or textured surface.

Her work has been collected all over the world (Netherlands, Italy, Turkey, Portugal, Belgium, Poland, Iceland, Argentina, Singapore, Australia, Scotland, England, Wales, Spain, Continental US, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Alaska and Canada). Her paintings are available by gallery display in the US, EBay, Web Site and arranged commissions.