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Hello, Thanks for taking a look at some of my work...! I have been working with Metals since I was 12 - First in My Grand Pa's Work Shop, Then My Uncle Teds Garage, Then My Mom And Pops Garage. I started a Tool Maker Apprenticeship after High School And Started Building my First Race Car when I was 17. As I completed my Time as an Apprentice, I worked hard on my Fabricating and welding skills in My Mom & Pops One Car Garage in Des Plaines Illinois.

My first Race Car toured out pretty nice and soon I was doing work for others. I finished my Apprenticeship as a Journeyman Tool and Mold Builder and Quit to build Race Cars, Hot Rods and Motorcycles full time. First with a Shop in Elk Grove, Then a 5000 foot studio in Gilberts. I honed my skills in Metal Working but also took on many Mechanical Repair projects in many forms. From Industrial equipment to air craft, I was exposed to a fantastic array of designs - and my skills as a Problem solver grew. When I ran into problems with detail and precision project communications, I took on the skills of 3D design and the incredible computer software that became available and took advantage of this technology. I worked with many skilled people on hundreds of projects in dozens of states. I built up one of the most full service - Personal Detail - Design and Fabrication Studios in the mid west.

This was a very Accurate - Very Precise World.

I felt the need to also work with metal, form, weld and create - with OUT the Torrance And accurate rules.

This is were I started to craft Sculpture.
I let it flow from my huge imagination into my hands and trully enjoyed it. Still do.

I closed the Studio in 2009 due to a crumbling economy and personal heath issues.

But continue to build and create some what semi retired. At least for now.


Tool And Die Institute.

28 years in the Self Employed School of Hard Knocks and Brutal Reality.


Every Day is an event.


The IDEAS Museum - Mesa Arizona ( My Favorite Monster ) Exhibit - Summer of 2017