Denise Adler

Denise Adler

New York, NY, United States

About Denise Adler

As a child I saw faces in every fold of fabric and stories on every street corner.Today I channel this into my art, working with cut paper, paints, magazines images and photography. The stories develop and find their way. My collages are in homage to the religious art and icons that fascinated me as a child. My photographs are stories waiting to be told.


I attended Buffalo State University for 2 years where I studied printmaking. I graduated from Hofstra University with Bachelor Degree in Fine Art and design. In addition to being an artist I work as a designer, an art director and a freelance photographer. I have one published book "Parallel Spell: 7 pictures 7 poems" in collaboration with the poet Elena Alexander. I collaborated with Mary Seidman and Dancers to create and produce the street photography backdrop for “Heart Meridians.” staged at DTW in NYC.


July 2018 Solo show in Lancaster PA
April 2019 Solo show in Pleiades Gallery 530 W25th St. Ste. 406, NYC 10001


2013 Solo exhibition, Good Girl Gone - Studio 7D, NYC as part of the Cultural Guerrillas group
April, 2017 Solo Exhibition, Retrospective - Pleiades Gallery NYC
2017 Wintertide Pleiades Gallery NYC
2016 Curator and exhibitor - Cyborgs, Crustaceans &
Butterflies - Pleiades Gallery NYC
Somewhere Project - Hudson Guild Gallery in affiliation with the 90th Anniversary of Carnegie Hall - NYC
Spring Fever - Pleiades Gallery NYC
2015 Curator and exhibitor in Beyond Decoration, Hudson
Guild Gallery NYC
Superstition & Belief, Presented by the Art League at
the Torpedo Factory, Alexandria, VA
2014 Curator and exhibitor in Cultural Guerrillas - Hudson
Guild Gallery NYC
Curate NYC” at Rush Gallery, NYC 2013 Scope Art Fair, Miami Beach
“Restoration” at Rogue Space Gallery, NYC “Recyclables,” and “Unusual Portraits” at Hudson Guild Gallery, NYC;
“High Line Opening Preview” at Rogue Space Gallery, NYC;
“Reflections,” and “Consequence of Light”
at Artrom Galleries, Rome, Italy
2009 I 20 Gallery, NYC, Group show and benefit
1998 “Heart Meridians.” produced by DTW in NYC. 1997 – 2000 Threadwaxing Space - NYC