Rolf Jansson

Rolf Jansson

Horten, Vestfold, Norway

About Rolf Jansson

Step into a whimsical and magical universe that takes you away to a forgotten time or perhaps to a parallel fanciful world.
These paintings are made by Rolf Jansson, a Swede, educated in Denmark and now living in Norway. Jansson has exhibited in numerous places, has featured in various magazines and has won several competitions. Besides his background in painting, Jansson also has experience as both a graphic artist and as an illustrator. These various artistic fields come through in his work which can easily lead the thoughts back to Renoir and an impressionistic era or to a 1970s advert.
What is clear in Jansson's paintings, besides his creative mind, is his skill. Composition and colour use are on point, the brushstrokes are controlled and perfectly balanced, and his eye for detailing and interpretation of light is meticulous and sublime.
The subjects of the paintings are varied, but many of them have a sense of magic and hints of a spiritual universe where the grey and dullness of the ordinary world are absorbed with joyful colours, a fondness for life and a longing to be swept away to a spellbinding place.
By N:Degnova, 26.07.16


Kunsthåndværkerskolen i København


Graphis magazine, Europen illustrators
Rudkøbing kunstforening, Denmark
Østlandsutstilligen, Norway
Telemarksutstillingen, Norway
Galleri Oksen, Norway
Galleri Sensorium, Norway
Harald Kihle gallery, Horten
Leth advokatenes kunstforening, Copenhagen