Adél Kiss

Adél Kiss

Monor, Hungary

About Adél Kiss

I work on canvas using traditional painting techniques. Oil and acryl are my favorite materials and I like to combine various techniques and create unusual material combinations and surfaces in order to make my end product more exciting. I frequently apply several layers of paint and lazure to arrive at interesting color effects.

I have always been interested in painting people, especially people that live around me. A personal contact with my model is key to a good picture. Without a personal contact painting loses its purpose and the product will lack life altogether. Most of my oeuvre is pictures of people. Although I have had topics other than humans, e.g. landscapes and animals, these too I have represented using the characteristics of a portrait.

I am very attracted to strong colors and like experimenting with techniques, which I often use to make the visual effect more powerful. If it serves the purpose of expression I am ready to exaggerate. My works frequently combine archetypes, symbols, sacral and profane motives, often in peculiar composition. The people, spaces, and objects in my pictures are realistic and unrealistic at the same time.
It is not conventional beauty that I am interested in but the aura of the model. As long as I am able to grasp that, the picture will be alive and will require no further explanation.
In my most recent works I tend not to show the face, or to show it in parallelism with other body parts. My starting points are the arms, legs and other parts of the human body. I take photographs as well, which I use either as standalone works or as raw material.
I have been examining the visual phenomenon of reflection for a while I am also interested in the human face as a symmetrical/asymmetrical system of shapes. In the future I wish to use the results of my past experiments and research to expand my artistic activity towards the borders of painting with music, applied linguistics and other forms of fine art.

I have been into photography for a long time. Most of the pictures I have taken have been portraits of people that are close to me. My other favorite topic is myself. My self portrait photographs usually express my personality much better than the photos taken of me by others. These I often feel too direct and set-up. However, when I shoot a picture of myself the product is frank and personal, even when my facial features are somewhat distorted. Actually, these changes to normal are often very interesting: the nose grows bigger, the smile is peculiar, the eyes or forehead are huge, or the face is overly asymmetric. Recently, I have found a great interest in such strange distortions, which make my own face grotesque.
In my coming works I wish to continue contemplating the relationships between figure and space, further elaborating the ways in which man and his surroundings, nature and man-made environments are related.


2003-2007 Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Budapest, HU
Majors: MA Teacher of Visual Art
2002-2007 Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Budapest, HU
Majors: MA Painting
Master: Dóra Maurer
2000-2002 Eszterházy Károly College, Eger, HU
Major: Drawing and Visual Communication


2010 - Tolnay Salon, Madách Theatre, Budapest, HU
- MONAR Gallery, Walk in the forest, Monor, HU
- Rózsa Gallery, Rózsa Culture House Budapest, HU
2009 - Department of Applied Linguistics, ELTE Faculty of Arts, Budapest, HU
2008 - Clinic Ciris, Budapest
- exhibition accompanying the student conference “Unfamiliar Acquaintance – Familiar Stranger: The
Dimensions of Applied Linguistics”; Department
of Applied Linguistics, ELTE Faculty of Arts, Budapest, HU
- PSZINAPSZIS 2008 /organized as part of the 12th Budapest Days of
Psychology/; József Attila Cultural Center, Angyalföld, Budapest, HU
- Vigadó Cultural and Civic Center, Monor, HU
2007 - Rózsa Gallery, Rózsa Culture House, Budapest, HU
- 2007. december – 2008. january, Rózsa Gallery, Rózsa Culture House, Budapest

2012 59th Vásárhelyi Autumn Exhibition, Alföldi Galéria, Hódmezővásárhely, Hu
„A hetes busszal jöttem én” , Magyar Építőművészek Székházának Koós Károly terme, Budapest, Hu
The Night of Open Churches, Roman Chatocic Church, Monor, Hu
Art Moments Spicy Selection/ Pécs - AMS 2012, Re:Public Galéria, Zsolnay Kulturális Negyed, Pécs, Hu
SANS REPÉRES – Spicy Collection, Hungarian Institut Paris, Paris, France
Art Moments Spicy selection/ Veszprém - AMS 2012, Jezsuita church, Veszprém,Hu
Exhibition of Adél Kiss and Anikó Pethő, HybridArt & Café, Budapest, Hu
Strázsahegyi pincék Festival IV., Szabó pince, Strázsa-hegy, Monor
2011 Art Moments, Eklektika Gallery, Budapest,Hu
58th Vásárhelyi Autumn Exhibition, Alföldi Gallery, Hódmezővásárhely, Hu
NOMADEA 2011,MonaR Galéria, Monor, Hu
VárosVázlatok – UrbanSketches, Szabó pince, Strázsa-hegy, Monor, Hu
PERFORIUM 2011 – performance and installations, MonaR Gallery, Monor, Hu
XXIV. EKSZPANZIÓ – SIgn, Visegrád, Royal palace, Hu
Let me in! – MonaR Gallery, Monor, Hu
XXII. EKSZPANZIÓ – FACEMASK, Magyar Műhely Gallery, Budapest, Hu
2010 - NOMADEA 2010, Monar Gallery, Monor, HU
- EXPECTATIONS, Collegium Hungaricum Berlin, Moholy-Nagy Galerie, Berlin, Germany
- XXII. EKSZPANZIÓ – Mask exhibition and performance with Imre Dénes, Visegrád, Royal Palace, Hu
2009 - XVII. joint exhibition at the 16th Faces and Fates National Portrait Biennale; Moldvay Győző Gallery,
Town Cultural Center, Hatvan, Hu
- XXI. EKSZPANZIÓ - performance with Imre Dénes
- ” Common Denominator”, Monor, Vigadó Galéria, Hu
2008 - Street 2008 - with 27 contemporary artists, Budapest, Erzsébet tér, Gödör Klub, Hu
- Institut Ballassi, Budapest, Hu
- facebook 3.0, APRoPODIUM Gallery, Budapest, Hu
- VálasztásVAM Joint Exhibition; Vam Design Center, Budapest, Hu
2007 - Face to Face, joint exhibition with Anikó Pethő; Ecumenical Elementary
School, Monor
- „I give you hope and future” Competition Exhibition; Incoronata Center, Budapest
- Diploma Exhibition, Painting Major, Hungarian University of Fine Arts;
Barcsay terem, Budapest, Hu
- Noah’s Arc, Nürnberg, Germany
- Best of Diploma, Barcsay Hall, Budapest, Hu
- “I give you hope and future” Competition Exhibition organized as
part of The Week of Sacred Arts, Budapest, Hu
- November 2007 to January 2008, joint exhibition at the 16th Faces and Fates National Portrait
Biennale; Moldvay Győző Gallery, Town Cultural Center, Hatvan, Hu
- exhibition of the works entered into the “Clean Energy” Art Competition
organized by E.ON Hungary; Budapest, Hu
2006 - Galamb Street Gallery, Budapest, Hu
- Amadeus Competition Exhibition; Barcsay Hall, Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Budapest, Hu
- Munich – Budapest, exhibition of the works of the students of the Academy
of Fine Arts Munich and the Hungarian University of Fine Arts /Dóra Mauer’s class/ under the
supervision of Prof. ANKE DOBERAUER and MÁRIA CHILF; Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Budapest,
2005 - GEO II; Geological Institute of Hungary, Budapest, Hu
- Undersized; Várfok Gallery, Budapest, Hu
- Rózsa Gallery, Rózsa Culture House, Budapest, Hu
- 15th Faces and Fates National Portrait Biennale /December 2005 to Janury 2006/; Moldvay Győző
Gallery, Cultural Center, Hatvan, Hu
2004 - Play; Artpool P60 Gallery, Budapest, Hu
- Rózsa Gallery, Rózsa Culture House, Budapest, Hu
2003 - joint exhibition of the works created at the Nomadea 2003 Art Camp; Vigadó Gallery, Monor, Hu
- Eight Retinas; Benczúr Gallery, Benczúr House, Budapest, Hu
- Portrait X; Goethe Institute, Budapest, Hu
2002 - In the Language of Colors; Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Budapest, Hu
- Vigadó Gallery, Monor, Hu
- Tigáz Zrt.- Evolution /120x100 cm, canvas, mixed technic, 2009
- Hamu és Gyémánt kiadó, Budapest - Runway from the nothing
- E.ON Hungary, 1051 Budapest, Roosevelt tér 7-8. - The field of flaming
- MAG Ház, Maglód, 2234, Fő utca 4-6.