Amaya Fernández Fariza

Amaya Fernández Fariza

Bilbao, Vizcaya, Spain

About Amaya Fernández Fariza

I'm an artist to the art of living costs so much ....
When I finish my studies in Fine Arts at the University of the Basque Country Start a journey that reaches today, in which only lost my brushes to devote myself to raising my three daughters.
Arguably am I immersed in my third stage.
First stage
With the influences of education that I receive during the years of career, I made a very rich experience in color, short, flat, and much acrylic.
Various subjects predominance of the human figure.
Trend: Realism and figuration, I fight counter to prevailing abstraction and conceptual expressions.
Second stage
Quieter, more thought out, less gestural. Still with realism.
Much furniture and vegetations. Treatment with more color overlays and much research mix. It is the transition from acrylic oil.
I am interested in spaces with an emphasis on light, they are empty but plenty of life despite the absence of the human figure areas.
In some works are present animals, beings who inspire me and those who love them.
third stage
I return to treat the human figure. I draw inspiration in everyday environments and continue with interior design.
I perform works inspired by the fields and forests that frequent, occurrence of pieces of natures, fusiono my figures sought funds and inspired by nature.
Foreign abundance. the air is breathed.

(Whoever seeks beauty in truth is a thinker, but whoever seeks truth in beauty is an artist. * José Diego *)
His works are a remarkable example to see the ability of the artist. Amaya is a classic of the great masters of Impressionism and his works are authentic compilation of how many features that define realism.
Amaya Fariza Born in Bilbao, graduated in fine arts, academic painter, and is a member of the Bízcanos painters association. Admired for her themes of Impressionism, and in pure realism when painting human figures. In the Colorful dominates the cold, and the green colors appear in a wide range, the variation of the color is visible in the floors, in the grass and in the figures that it paints inside the landscape. the landscapes that he exhibits here are a sample of his bold conception that goes beyond impressionism. about your message comes out in reference to life, and for continuous renewal. It is reflected in nature, or in the human figures that transmit youth and life.
In his works in nature I observe his concern in the tender leaves that have just sprung up and this is a personal message from the artist,. In his works there is a certain focus devoted to branches and leaves with plants. He cares about women and youth issues. A long-time artist. She is an artist of very fine and modern education in all the manifestations of her work.
Art critic
Abdul Kader Al Khalil


Colegio Jesus Maria ( BILBAO )
Bachelor of Fine Arts, Universidad del Pais Vasco.BILBAO , SPAIN .


Individual exhibition First period. Series: My Environments. Max Art Center Bilbao Spain. October 2020

Included in the ranking of the best contemporary Basque plastic artists of the 21st century. Classora. Klounedge date.


1984 Municipal Savings Bank of Burgos. (Individual)
1985 Selected in the II Painting Contest Sestao (Bizkaia)
1986 Selected in the Painting Contest III Sestao (Bizkaia)
1986 House of Culture of Basauri (Bizkaia) (Collective)
1987 City of San Sebastian, Spain (Collective)
1988 Sala BBK Bilbao (collective) (Collective)
Room 1989 Insurance Aurora Polar Bilbao. (Collective).
From 2000 to 2007, career interruption for personal and family reasons.
2008 House of Culture Ortuella. (Bizkaia) (Collective)
2008 Hotel Barcelo Bilbao. Large format exhibition. (Collective)
2009 Gallery Akros. Bilbao (collective)
2010 Exhibition Xupera Baracaldo (Bizkaia) (Single)
2014 Exhibition Collective Sky Galleri Barcelona
2016 Gallery Fariza .The Arenas (Bizkaia) (Single)
1016 3º Prize Villa de Durango Bizkaia, Spain
2017 Art Fair Málaga
2017 Donosti Artean International Art Naigt Market .Kursaal Palace. Donostia Paisbasque country.
2018 Galerie Les Corsaires. Baiona France
2019 Finalist by the VI Luis de Morales International Painting Competition (Cáceres) Spain
2019 Finalist in Arrow Artea Bilbao 2019 Spain
2019 Finalist XXIII Certamen de Pintura .Asociación Cultural de Tomelloso. Madrid. Spain
2019 Finalist Certamen Carta Puebla Ciudad Real Spain
2020 Selected XXIII Painting Competition Frida Kahlo Rivas Madrid Spain
2020 Finalist Luis de Morales Arroyo de la Luz International Painting Prize. Caceres Spain
2020 Selected works Max Art Center Max Center
Barakaldo Bizkaia Spain
Individual exhibition First period. Series: My Environments. Max Art Center Bilbao Spain. October 2020
2020 Finalist XXIII Certámen de pintura Frida Khalo Rivas Madrid Spain
Work in private collections in the US, London, Canada, the Netherlands ... and various places in Spain