Enriqueta Ahrensburg

Enriqueta Ahrensburg

London, Surrey, United Kingdom

About Enriqueta Ahrensburg

The imaginary constructions that I recreate from my own view of the Universe as an analogy with the Neo-Platonism referred to The One, are constructions that constitute unique spheres, in permanent vibratory process, are a sort of essential particles of the universe, which in themselves are no longer micro-cosmic representations of its self and are confronted simultaneously with the multiple and the unique, showing repetition of itself to in nity.
The dots de ne the singularity of space, they compose it inviting the light that is ltered in micro particles, and they conform atmospheres that speak to us of an invisible world, full of focuses, of energies showing the very nature full of light and matter. I try, based the dots, nding the apparent silence in the world, the very origin of the universe, that atom transformed in millions of particles forms the cosmos.
Painting is the language I found to express, as a bridge, the connection of the spiritual world to the material world, showing the invisible world in the visible, where the work ows from within an inner world, as a reection that mirrors the outer world, that leaves footprints along the way, with spots, dots, shapes, colors and lines, showing us how we are able to create the image we have of the world and of ourselves. It is through contemplation and those moments of enlightenment where we are able to see the vibratory processes that light transmits over the world, and that is nothing more than small particles that come together to form a whole, that the Universe Shows, the one, the whole.


94-97 Paint and Draft: Art School of Port Royal in Paris, France
97-2002 Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts, Major in Painting: Instituto Universitario de Estudios Superiores Armando Reverón, IUESAPAR, Caracas, Venezuela (2002).

91-Current Multiple Art Courses and Shops in Caracas, Madrid Spain, and Paris France.


2018 MIXEDMEDIA Art Prize an exhibition. London, Uk
2017 MAGNOLIA FINE ARTS, 2000 A.C Exhibition
2017 MIXEDMEDIA Art Prize an exhibition. London, Uk
2016 18 Venezuelan Artists (Group exhibition). Magnolia Fine Arts. Madrid, Spain.
2016 Art Expo New York (Group exhibition). Blinkgroup Gallery. New York, EE.UU.
2015 Spectrum Miami Art Show- 5th Edition (Group exhibition). Miami, EE.UU.
2015 Natures (Solo exhibition). Espacio Atlantis. Santiago de Chile, Chile.
2015 Group exhibition. Edición Limitada Gallery. Caracas, Venezuela.
2015 Perceptions (Group exhibition). Club Hebraica, Centro Creativo Brief Kohn. Caracas, Venezuela
2014 Group exhibition. Casa Cuadrada Gallery. Bogota, Colombia.
2011 Group exhibition. Crearte Gallery. Madrid, Spain.
2011 37th. Salón Premio Bancaja (Group exhibition). Valencia, Spain.
2011 Incubarte Art Festival (Group exhibition). Valencia, Spain.
2009 Female Visions (Group exhibition). Tamarindo Art Gallery. Caracas, Venezuela.
2008 Approachs to the symbol (Solo exhibition). Espacio Atlantis, Caracas, Venezuela.
2005 Point x Point (Solo exhibition). Arte y Encuentros Gallery. Caracas, Venezuela.
2005 Paper group exhibition. Blasini Gallery. Caracas, Venezuela.
2005 Brief Assembly (Group exhibition). Arte Tepuy Gallery. Caracas, Venezuela.
2004 8th. Salón CANTV, Jóvenes con FIA (Group exhibition). Corp Banca. Caracas, Venezuela.
2003 Existenciarios (Group exhibition). Sala de Emergencia Gallery. Alicante, Spain.
2002 Pictorial Constructions. Group exhibition 5 x 5. Museo Jacobo Borges, Caracas, Venezuela.
2002 Group exhibition. Okamo Gallery House. Caracas, Venezuela.
2002 The Brixtonian Art Prize (Group exhibition), Morton Gallery. London, United Kingdom.
2002 Michelena´s eleven (Group exhibition). Art Gallery of Banco Industrial de Venezuela Foundation. Caracas, Venezuela.
2001 59th. Salón Arturo Michelena (Group exhibition). Museo de Valencia. Valencia, Venezuela. She was granted with the Harinjs Liepins award for her piece of art Pictorial Constructions in situ.
2000 Premio Municipal de Artes Visuales Salón Juan Lovera (Group exhibition). Art Gallery of Banco Industrial de Venezuela Foundation. Caracas, Venezuela.
2000 Salón TELCEL (Group exhibition). TELCEL Building. First Prize. Caracas, Venezuela.
1999 9th. Salón Municipal de Artes Plásticas Alejandro Otero. CEMIC Gallery. San Antonio de Los Altos, Venezuela.
1998 Sketches (Group exhibition). Provincial Foundation, Banco Provincial Building. Caracas, Venezuela.
1998 8th. Salón Municipal de Artes Plásticas Alejandro Otero. CEMIC Gallery. San Antonio de Los Altos, Venezuela.
1997 Museo de Bellas Artes paints the art of Venezuela, Museo de Bellas Artes, Caracas, Venezuela.