Alain Elbaz

Alain Elbaz

Paris, Ile de France, France

About Alain Elbaz

Alain ELBAZ (1941) Very young, attracted by what drawing and painting can transmit, I studied fine arts and the desire to paint never left me. Easel in hands, I crossed the landscapes of bright colors in search of a perfection like a way without limit. My first professional activity was in architectural drawing. Oil painting on canvas allowed me to approach figurative art in the 50s. Watercolors and gouaches, then vinyl in the surrealism of the 70s. The transparency of the inks gave works where luminosity was important. Acrylic, on paper, cardboard and canvas, which allows according to the circumstances as much the relief as the flat tints, became my predilection. Edited in lithographs. My ability to produce many original works has resulted in many auctions since 1990..


First professional activity / draftsman : 1958
Self-taught, my training was located in a sunny nature whose colors replenished on the canvas. This experiment was as much as a great school. My education was driven by surrealism ; the pure creation is a self course in opening doors to ART.


Rombaldi / lithographies / France : 1982
Disneyland / Lithographie / Paris France : 1993
"Hommage" donated Musée Delacroix Paris France 1999
Charity / Art Curial / Paris France 2008

Charity / Art Curial / Paris France 2009

Publicated/Gazette Drouot/Paris France since 1990
International quotation art reviews since 1990


Salon Violet Mairie de Paris France : 1978

Galerie Marcel Bernheim / Paris France : 1989