Aleksandra Bouquillon

Aleksandra Bouquillon

Warsaw, Poland

About Aleksandra Bouquillon

Aleksandra Bouquillon, born in 1976 in Warsaw, Poland.
Deliberately, her choice is not to interact directly with the "here and now",the time and space coordinates. As an alternative she is proposing a kind of parallel realities, which she calls "abstract landscapes". Some of them might look familiar as they are connected to the traditional ways of perception, other are completely abstracted from the realistic vision of the world. She is targeting to reach people`s universal senses and emotions which are independent from the geographical, social or political conditions.
In continuous search for the powerful and fresh means of painting expression she tries to avoid the "already said and seen". For this reason she sometimes describes herself as an outsider by choice. She also escapes any classification. Her work might be described as located in between of reality and imaginary, or between the abstract and the figurative. The final choice is left to the Spectator whom she considers the equal partner, having the full right to his/her own lecture of a piece of art. There should be not one but many ways to read the painting, and this freedom should always be left to the viewer.

Currently works in Poland.

Her works are in private collections in Poland, France, Italy, UK, Spain, Norway, Switzerland, Poland, Tcheque Republic, Greece, USA.

Main influences : François Dufrêne, Jacques Villegle, Simon Hantai, Max Ernst


2015 Featured in the first printed Saatchi Art Catalogue
2013 Interview - Inside the studio - Saatchi Art
2013 Finalist - top ten in Surreal Showdown - Saatchi Art