Manuela Corti

Manuela Corti

London, Great London, United Kingdom

About Manuela Corti

I was born in Siena, Italy, I’m living in London since 2003.
My skills in 30 years of artistic activity are: painting, sculpture, digital works and environmental installations.
I've always had the geometry as an integral part of my work, not only of my artistic training but also as a scientific philosopher. Displacement is a three-dimensional journey. Each point appears in my ideal space, that represents the cosmic space, and moves, leaves a trail, is displaced.


1985 University of Bologna, Doctoral Degree in Philosophy of Science, Magna cum Laude.After obtaining my doctoral degree in Philosophy with a specialization in Epistemology at the University of Bologna, I spent four years as an Assistant Professor with Professor A. Pasquinelli, Chair of Philosophy of Science at the University, gaining experience in research and teaching. Since 1990, I have devoted myself exclusively to the visual arts, with particular stress on multimedia: video and post-production, digital images and computer image processing and Net Art.


Notes on my activity:
2014 - London, The House of Peroni, environmental installations, made in collaboration with Carlotta Actis Barone. Kinetic works and sculptures - mixed media.
2014 - London, Design Museum, mixed media sculpture, made in collaboration with Carlotta Actis Barone
At the Donguy Gallery in Paris (1995) and at the Interno e dum dum Gallery in Bologna (1998) I exhibited an installation that simulated rain in the gallery. I used Mozarts Requiem to create a model of laic Transubstantiation that was shown in the exhibit Va Pensiero, Arte Italiana 1984-1996, curated by Edoardo Di Mauro (Torino, Promotrice delle Belle Arti, 1997). Etc...2002 -Paris, Centro George Pompidou, for the video section of Festival Polyphonix 40.Etc...2006 -Auditorium Park of the Music in Rome Studio Theatre, Italian Festival in Videoclip poetry. Etc...,


2020, Artisti per Roberto Vitali, curated by P. Barducci & G. Buttaro, Millenium Gallery, Bologna, I.

2019, 100%Female, Stichting White Cube, Alkamaar, NL.
2019, Chiamata alle Arti, Curated by Daniela Rossi, Laboratorio di Poesia, Modena, I.
2019, Innocenza e Meraviglia, curated by Lorenzo Argentino, Circuiti Dinamici, Milano, I.
2019, Merenda d'artista. Donne che fanno libri, curated by Daniela Rossi & Elisa Pellicani. Ghirba Galley, Parma, I,
2019, Fluid, Curated by Edoardo Di Mauro, Millenium Gallery, Bologna, I.

2018, Zoo 21-23 anni dopo, Curated by V. Deho, Millenium Gallery, Bologna, I.
2018, Utopia #9, LabArt Parco Santa Sofia, Reggio Emilia, I.
2018, Chiamata alle Arti, Curated by Daniela Rossi, Millenium Gallery, Bologna, I.
2018, LabArt Parco Santa Sofia - Utopia #9, Curated by Daniela Rossi, Reggio Emilia, I.
2018, Fragili Guerriere, Chiamata alle Arti in Oltretorrente ¬– Festival curated by D. Rossi, Parma, I.

2017, Warlike Frail Women, Call to the arts, Work in progress 4, curated by D. Rossi, S. Provinciali. Reggio Emilia, I.

2016, Warlike Frail Women, Call to the arts, Work in progress 3, curated by D. Rossi, S. Provinciali -T cafè Gallery, Parma, I.

2015, Warlike Frail Women, Work in progress 2, curated by D. Rossi, S. Provinciali - Lavatoio Contumaciale Gallery, Roma, I.

2014, Sculpture made in collaboration with Carlotta Actis Barone, Design Museum, London, UK.
2014, Environmental installations, with Carlotta Actis Barone, The House of Peroni, London, UK.
2014, Warlike Frail Women, Call to the arts, Work in progress 1
- Parma (I), Muse Contemporary Art Gallery
2013 – Bologna (I), Accrochage Art Space.
2006 – Potenza (I), Amnesiac Arts Gallery.
- Copenaghen (DK), Italian Institute of Culture.
- Torino (I) Castello di Rivara.
- London, NYU in London.
- London, 291 Gallery.
- Piacenza (I) Castell’Arquato Gallery
- Florence (I) Fortezza da Basso.
- Paris (FR), Centre Cultural Canadian, video installations: Corti, Di Giovanni, Capolongo.
- Paris (FR), Centro George Pompidou, Irony, territoriality, and amazement curated by M Corti.
- Perugia (I), Euro Chocolate, finalist for video competition: 45 seconds of sweetness.
- Bologna (I), Strawberries Field Gallery,
- Parma (I), S. Ludovico Gallery, A Postmodern Babel, reality and allegory in the Italian Art of the 90's. Curated by Edoardo di Mauro.
- Bologna (I), Artistic Club of Bologna, Thread of Memory.
- Bologna (I), Culture Space Navile, Female Touch,
- Bologna (I), Galleria Neon, EXIT 5
- Merano (I), Art Forum Gallery, Click Here, curated by Valerio Dheò.
- Bologna (I), Spazio&Dum Dum Gallery,
- Roma (I), Casa della Letteratura
- Parma (I), Palazzetto Eucherio Sanvitale, Memory ON/OFF, curated by Valerio Dehò.
- Venice (I), 48th Venice Biennale, Italian Pavilion – Oreste project, (S) Definitions / art against war.
- Rome (I), Palazzo delle Esposizioni, LA COSCIENZA LUCCICANTE, from video art to interactive art,
curated by Paola Sega Serra Zanetti and Maria Grazia Tolomeo.
- Bologna (I), Salara, Tourist Menu, curated by Edoardo Di Mauro.
- Torino (I), Contemporary Art Museum, Promoter of Fine Arts, Va’ Pensiero, Italian art 1984–1996, curated by E.di Mauro.

2013 – Woolwich, London - no format gallery, Second Floor Studios & Arts.
2002 – Bologna (I), Fiorile Arte Gallery
1999 – Venice (I), 48th Venice Biennale, Italian Pavilion and Gardens – Video performance in action.
- Parigi (FR), J&J Donguy Gallery.
- Bologna (I), Hip Hop Gallery
1994 – Bologna (I), Neon Gallery.
- Cesena (I), Ex Pescheria Gallery,
- Rosemont (PA.- U.S.A), Lawrence Hall Gallery, curated by Renato Barilli
- Cento (Ferrara, I), Contemporary Art Gallery, curated by Renato Barilli
- Cesena (FO), Galleria dell’Immagine, curated by Renato Barilli
- Cento (FE), Auditorium San Lorenzo, curated by Renato Barilli

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