Amy Stone

Amy Stone

Seattle, WA, United States

About Amy Stone

I’ve always been grateful for writers and musicians who can put into words things that I cannot. That’s how abstract painting began for me.

I often find it difficult to talk about my work, especially in person. To be honest, I'm inspired by nothing, and everything. I am thinking and connecting more than I have in years. It's been a beautiful evolution. Much of my work relates to the Japanese term Wabi-Sabi; a state of acceptance of the imperfections in flow, and the acceptance of the cycle of life and death. I have long suffered from anxiety over my own mortality. It’s my biggest point of fear and vulnerability. Pushing paint around and getting lost in the creative process has been my therapy, and color something that can bring me peace. My hope is that my viewers feel the same sense of safety from my work that I do. My paintings are not perfect. There are unintentional drips and marks. I do not tape my edges and often don't paint my edges. I like things to be natural and real because that is life. It is death as well.

So many of us speak about finding balance in life. In fact, much of my work relates to this idea as I strive to create a balance of movement, texture, color and energy in my paintings. Yet my work is always just a little off kilter and off center, alluding to the notion that balance may be something we can never really find. Or maybe we find it, but its not what we were expecting it to look like.

I have been told that my work is unresolved and unfinished. To that I say, thank you. It’s your job to resolve it, not mine. My work is never meant to be “perfect” or “done”, and neither am I.


1997 - 2001 Double B.A. - Fine Arts and Comparative Literature / University of Colorado, CO
2003 - 2005 M.A. - Art Education, K - 12 / Hofstra University, Long Island, NY


HBO Network's Succession, as part of the permanent set design Season 1&2


2019, The Beacham Art Series, Atlanta, GA
2019, Solo Show, Horseshoe, Seattle, WA
2019, “Freshman Class” Group Show, Roan and Black, Saugatuck, MI
2019, Live Painting and Auction, Tacoma Art Museum, Tacoma, WA
2019, Solo Show, Cura Co, Seattle, WA
2019, Group Show “Women’s Works 2019”, Old Courthouse Arts Center, Woodstock, IL
2019, Group Show, “Sydney Bruce Pop Up”, Winter Park, FL
2019, Solo Show, CV Gallery, Seattle, WA
2019, Solo Show, Viscon Cellars, Seattle, WA
2019, Solo Show, Callus, Seattle, WA
2018, “Saba IV” Group Show, The Delaware Contemporary, Delaware
2018, Herkimer, Solo Exhibition, Seattle, WA
2018, Couch, Solo Exhibition, Seattle, WA
2018, West Elm Pop Up, Seattle, WA
2018, Tuft and Needle, Solo Exhibition, Seattle, WA
2018, Capers, Solo Exhibition, Seattle, WA
2018, Bemis Arts Spring Juried Art Show, Seattle, WA
2018, Horseshoe, Solo Exhibition Seattle, WA
2017, Small Works Group Show, Groundwork!, New Bedford, MA
2017, Abstract Invitational, Capers, Seattle, WA
2017, Abstract Trunk Show, The Phinery, Seattle, WA
2017, Frame Up Studios, Solo Exhibition, Seattle WA
2017, Caffe Ladro, Solo Exhibition Seattle WA
2017, West Side Studio Tour, Rat City Studios, Seattle, WA
2017, West Elm Pop Up, Seattle, WA
2017, The Sanborn Building, Seattle, WA
2017, Umpqua Bank, Seattle, WA
2017, Starbucks, Solo Exhibition, Seattle WA
2016, RAW Artists presents Trend, Seattle, WA
2016, Herkimer, Seattle, WA
2016, Frame Up Studios, Seattle WA
2016, “Vibrance,” Linus Gallery Online Group Exhibition
2015, Alexandria Nicole Cellars, Solo Exhibition, Woodinville, WA
2014, Herkimer, Solo Exhibition, Seattle WA
2014, Pelmeni Dumpling Tzar, Solo Exhibition, Seattle WA
2012, Guild Hall Clothesline Art Sale, East Hampton, NY