Ana Flávia Garcia

Ana Flávia Garcia

Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

About Ana Flávia Garcia

Visual Arts bachelor at the Arts Institute of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS, Brazil) and mobility student at Porto University (UPorto, Portugal). Her work focuses on expressionist abstract painting, drawing, sculpture and its interlacing. With academic experience in the areas of Visual Arts, Art Mediation, Art History and Cinema; professional experience in directing, producing and directing art in advertisement and artist films. Participated in exhibitions (solo and collective) and publications in Brazil and abroad.


Visual Arts BFA at UFRGS, RS, Brazil.
Visual Arts, academic mobility at UPorto, Portugal.


Acting course, Coletivo Multicultural (2014)
Organic Observation Drawing Course, Ana Flávia Baldisseroto (2015)
Watercolor painting, Chana de Moura (2016)
Mediators Formation Course, MARGS (2016)
Photoengraving processes, UFRGS (2017)
Cinematographic Language, Cássio Tolpolar, Fluxo (2017)
Cinematography, Bruno Polidoro, Fluxo (2017)
Film Direction, Emiliano Cunha, Fluxo (2018)
Recording: Introduction to the Making of Cinema, Thaís Fernandes, Fluxo (2020)


GROUP EXHIBITION - 2013 at Casarão - Casarão das Artes
Alegrete - RS, 2013

GROUP EXHIBITION - Projections of Drawing at FBAUP - Fundação Júlio Resende
Porto - Portugal, 2019

SOLO EXHIBITION - “Still anonymous” - Centro Cultural Erico Verissimo
Porto Alegre - RS, 2020

UPCOMING SOLO EXHIBITION - "100 compositions for solitude" - Espaço Ado Malagoli, IA UFRGS
Porto Alegre - RS, 2020

GROUP EXHIBITION - Confluencias 2020, Argentina | Brasil - 2020

GROUP EXHIBITION - Oswaldo Goeldi Biennial • Honorable mention for "Rupture in red III"
São Paulo - BR, 2020