Pora Anca

Pora Anca

Cluj Napoca, jud. Cluj, Romania

About Pora Anca

My main focus in life is to create, design and experiment. I have a masters degree in design and i am also very passionate about illustration and especially fashion illustration.
My body of work is diverse and versatile from branding, logo design, object design, portraits, illustration and print design.

When i look for inspiration these are some of the many things that make me want to create and evolve: music, photography (double exposure and photography on film), ink, fashion, street style, movies from the 90's, England and other artists i look up to such as Ralph Steadman or Gabriel Moreno.

My main tools of trade are both digital and traditional. I work in Adobe Photoshop , Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw and Autodesk 3ds Max. As far as traditional goes i work well in pencil, ink, watercolors, markers and acrylics.

contact me on https://www.facebook.com/pora.anca
follow me on http://ormehcym.tumblr.com/
on-line portfolio http://ancapora.daportfolio.com/about/


National College “Unirea”
Targu-Mures, 2004/2008
profile : mathematics informatics english

University of Art and Design
Cluj Napoca, 2008/2013
studies : design (bachelor’s and master’s degree)
University of Salford

Manchester, UK, 2012(sept.)/2013(jan.)
studies : communication design (Erasmus mobility)


2009 –Exhibit in the cultural programe
”Zilele voluntariatului PRO BONO CULTURA”, Edition II
4-6 december 2009, Teatru 74, Târgu-Mures

2011 – Poster exhibit about protection agains urban noise in the EXPLORATORY WORKSHOP MODERN
APPLICATIONTSO AUTOMOTIV – Pitesti, 24-25 november

2013 – Cane exhibit from the master’s degree graduates
UAD, Cluj , 17 ianuarie, Casa Matei