Anna Eckert

Anna Eckert

Naumburg, Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany

About Anna Eckert

Anna Eckert has an expressive, figurative style. Her work masters the human form, especially the female body. In her paintings, colour and form are independent values of intense expression. Typical are reduced compositions with strong contrasts that alternate between painting and drawing.
In her work, spontaneity is the principle. The material (preferably acrylic on paper) is an equal partner in the creative process together with the artist. This process gains a momentum of its own, becomes content itself. Consequently, in her current works Anna Eckert increasingly detaches herself from the figurative and turns to abstract painting.


2011 2. Naumburger Kunstmesse
2012 Mikroexpressionen/ Solo
Begegneungen/ Group exhibition
3. Naumburger Kunstmesse
2013 Alles ist rund/ Group exhibition
4. Naumburger Kunstmesse
2014 Das Weite suchen, das Nahe finden/ Group exhibition
5. Naumburger Kunstmesse
2015 Ici on donne des pommes Gallery/ Lyon
2016 Das Fremde in mir/ Group Show
7. Naumburger Kunstmesse
2017 Kunstgala/ Group Exhibition
Mutiger Ritter, Bad Kösen
2. Positionen/ Group Exhibition
8. Naumburger Kunstmesse
Exhibition/Turbinenhaus Naumburg
Wenn Mutti früh zur Arbeit geht/Vandrich
2018 Was gibt's denn da zu lachen?/ Group
9. Naumburger Kunstmesse
LOU Galerie/ Naumburg
2019 Am Anfang war das Wort /
Gemeinschaftsausstellung mit ART°Coolektiv
(Sabine Ebert-Hoyer, Anna Eckert und Betty
Wirtz) zur Eröffnung des neuen
Standorts der Stadtbibliothek Naumburg