Anna Nightingale

Anna Nightingale

, Malta

About Anna Nightingale

Anna Nightingale is an internationally acclaimed abstract expressionist painter who spends her time working between London, England and Gozo - a small island 93km south of Sicily and 288km north of Africa.

"A great painting is not just a work of Art; each one is a story with its own active message. Anna Nightingale is a master story teller."

A.J.QUINNELL, late international best selling author

The painting 1.24 a.m is part of a collection of paintings depicting the female orgasm. They describe a passionate, liberating relationship which allows oneself to experience something pure and beautiful, shared so intrinsically with another. A person who inspires you to cross new boundaries and receive complete self fulfillment. Therefore not just about sex as the subject may imply. The Artist intends to portray her whole bodily response to the orgasms , from initial arousal to the final gift at the end. They celebrate a unique bond, a relationship in its true, balanced form . They are not only about being a woman standing up for her right to have orgasms.
A large expanse of precious leaf leads you to the intensely layered and busy activity of paint work- the orgasm. This composition helps describe the potency of the experience. Such a vast part of life goes on around these relatively shorter times of release. The lower left area in this piece hints at a pre orgasmic state where one starts to withdraw from life as you know it and enter another realm of consciousness , an untroubled oblivion where the world seems to be complete and free from worry and pain.


Central Saint Martins College (BA Hons fine art painting)