Anny Chong

Anny Chong

San José , Ciudad Colon, Costa Rica

About Anny Chong

As an artist she is a living mix of cultures. Who was born in United States, but living today in Costa Rica, her father was a cuban - taiwanese and her mother is costa rican.
Since the early years of her life, she has been a creative child who grew up with an unstoppable eagerness to study art in all its forms and different techniques and ways to improve the aesthetic of her models.


As a graphic designer she received drawing and illustration classes. This is when she realizes her interest in the human figure, learning anatomy and of course facial expression. It started with color pencils, ink and chalk techniques.

On 2009, she developed an interest in getting design out of the computer and create... so she joined Crisol - Contemporary Jewelry School. For the next four years Anny focus her talent on jewelry making and designed pieces for exhibitions along the country with the school.

Recently, on early 2015 she decided to give her artistic talent a chance and started opening a way through the art industry under Luis Tenorio’s mentoring. Where she has been doing portraits; more focused on the art of expressing that exact moment of the soul that will be immortalized forever, rather than to do a copy of a photograph.


Group Exhibition at Casa de la Cultura en Puntarenas - February 2019
Group Exhibition at Terramall with Galería Antígono - July 2018
Group Exhibition at Galería Matices - August 2017
Solo Exhibition at KC Hotel Gallery - May 2016
Group Exhibition at Galería Matices - April 2016
Group Exhibition at Galería Matices - June 2015

To see more of her artwork, please the website