Matej Anzin

Matej Anzin

Seattle, WA, United States

About Matej Anzin

My name is Matej Anzin. I was born in Slovenia in 1979,
and I migrated to the US in 2004, where I reside.

Back in Slovenia, I graduated from Industrial Design at The School for Design and Photography in the capitol city, Ljubljana.

My pursuit is expression of purity, rather than purity of expression. Appreciation for life, human psyche and everything natural is the drive for creating my own artwork, whether that be a drawing, a technical draft, a painting, a song, an essay, an idea for a movie (yes, I have those as well), or even a cooking recipe (yes, even those). I see a chance for art in everything.

When I paint and draw I enjoy playing around with the concept of shadow and light, and in that, I may use thick multiple layers of paint. Or, I may feel very technical when using pencil to draw portraits or objects, and am extremely orderly-oriented when I use rulers and a compass to create geometric patterns. I mainly construct my patterns starting with a circular shape, because I am attracted to completeness and perfection, and circle itself represents that to me.

***I recently embarked on a new journey of abstract painting. For years I struggled with letting it go and my art displayed that. Everything was very orderly, organized, realistic, although colorful which signified that there is a lot of life in me, at times extremely hard to contain it, so I let it out in my upcoming collection "I Was There". I create a surface of images and wrinkles and then let the paint drip over and run its course however it is meant. I merely help it like its god with adding water to its life and watch it live.

Thank you for your time.


Industrial Designer