Sheida Samyi


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About The Collage

Saatchi Art is pleased to offer the Collage, "I THINK I KNOW/ YOU," by Sheida Samyi, available for purchase at $730 USD. Original Collage: Paper, Photo, Paint, Acrylic, Marker on Canvas, Paper.

I was inspired by a photography which made me feel about many different thinks, but mainly about trust and friendship and whom you would trust blindly. It´s about my relationship to my daughter and my mom. Since right now I am into this certain style with collecting text and textures from magazines, combined with delicate drawings it underlines the fragility of life in general, it´s partly falling apart glued together, painted over and full of emotions. In this Collage you find words like "anders ist besser" ("different is better"), be my baby and "schön & gefährlich" (beautiful & dangereous)