Aporia Installation by blume daaani

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Art Description

Installation: Found Objects, Fabric, Plastic, Ink, Spray Paint on Plastic, Soft (Yarn, Cotton, Fabric), Other.


What makes me, Me?
Our thinking implicitly contains the belief in Me as a prime reality, from which we start whenever we assign reality to everything. Fragments illustrate fictive scientific diagrams, relationship between me-space-time with reference to football, as well ratio me-personal objects.
Aporia refers to a difficulty resulted form the attempt to answer the most banal questions about identity. What makes me, Me? The things I get in touch with, that leave a mark on the "self," can be understood only after my experience with them. Our thinking implicitly contains the belief in Me as a prime reality, which it's used as a starting point whenever reality is assigned to everything.The reality of things originates from the reality of Me. There were used three personal objects in the shape of football balls, which have been deconstructed in ninety six fragments. They had a deplorable appearance, all the more authentic, wearing true traces of real happenings. The fragments were hand sewn on the panels, thus initial balls being reconstructed under a new configuration. The drawing was done using nibs, indian and acrylic ink. It illustrates, in the order of the panels, fictive scientific diagrams, the relationship between me-space-time with reference to football and the ratio, me-personal objects.



blume daaani



Size: 55 W x 40 H x 2 in

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