Confessions Upon A Father's Death Installation by Mark Snyder

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Art Description

Installation: Mixed Media, Digital, Glass, Interactive, Metal on Glass, Sound, Steel, Other, Soft (Yarn, Cotton, Fabric).

amplifiers, mp3 players, speakers in vacuum sealed mason jars, twine, wiring, wood.

Audio recording of confessions played through speakers in vacuum sealed mason jars.

This work was created several months after my father's death. As a child, my father and I were not close, but as we both got older those walls began to slowly break down. When he passed away, I realized how much I had never told him about my life. These thoughts and deeds will now forever be trapped in my head, unable garner advice or forgiveness from him. So I recorded 3 hrs worth of my deepest hidden regrets, wrongdoings and personal failures then edited the recording so the they would play over and over again through 5 audio devices. These recordings were amplified, divided and played across 40 different speakers. The speakers were then placed inside vacuum sealed mason jars, vibrating my private confession out to the world, yet unable to be heard due to the lack of air. The lids needed to be pierced for the speaker wires to enter, but were sealed over with an epoxy. This process weakened the integrity of the vacuum conditions, leaving open the possibility that air would seep in allowing for my deeply guarded confessions to be heard by all. The glass jars where bundled together with string and hung in the air at just over head height. The visual condition created provided a sense of lightness through the transparent glass and heaviness due to it's mass. To stand under it, one gets a greater sense of the pressure, weight & tension as it hangs over one's head. While it also present the viewer a simultaneous understanding of it's fragility and how easily it could come crashing down without warning.

Confessions Upon A Father's Death

Mark Snyder

United States


Size: 48 W x 192 H x 48 in

This artwork is not for sale.