Fractured Gilded Dry Stone Wall

United Kingdom

Size: 31.5 H x 393.7 W x 19.7 in

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Art Description

Installation: Environmental on Other.

In the 'Fracture' section of this Form Frame Fracture project I wanted to give a visual voice to the geological layering developed over millennia on this once sea covered landscape, and make visible the trace gold found by Marconi in sea water.  To show this we built a loose dry stone wall at the highest point on the farm, with the sea visible behind.   I then gilded parts of the wall.  This gilding and the subsequent fracturing is captured on three short films. These can be viewed by contacting me as I can't upload them on this platform. In these still images shown here it is possible to see the initial gilding on the wall, with the Frame of the landscape behind.  

In my research for this project I discovered the slow natural geological build up and earth movements that happen over millennia which developed this multilayered stone that can, has been and is, quarried to build houses, schools and farm walls etc. in this area.

Visually This work both frames and speaks of the landscape beyond the gilded wall.

Keywords: Fracturing, Stone, Land Art, Marconi, Environmental, Geological, Gold, Jacqueline M Byrne, Landscape

Subjects: Rural life

Styles: Fine Art

Mediums: Environmental

Materials: Other

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