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Art Description

Installation: Fiber and Stone on Stone and Other.

Conceived for, installed and exhibited at Dexia Art Center, Brussels

A stone block, broken in two, the bottom fragment resting on earth, the top suspended down a 25 meter lightwell using thin red synthetic cables. The cabling is very much part of the piece, hence the 25m height mentioned in the dimensions, but can be adapted according to the space.
The basic intention of the installation is to create a potent opposition of forces. Specifically, I mean the piece to materialise the paradox of the human condition. It is my sense that we exist in between worlds - in the space between reality and perception.

My work for the last years has been focused on an examination and celebration of the possibilities of fragmentation - in this respect, it is a celebration of the post-modern as a recognition of the basic responsibility of the individual in the constitution of a world-view. Further even than the fragmentation of social consciousness, I wish to indicate and celebrate the fragmentation of individual consciousness: recognising and celebrating the heterogeneity of our individual world-views - in opposition to the (systematically failed) quest for homogeneity of vision motivating totalitarian and absolutist ideologies.

Now taken down and resting pathetically on the floor of my studio, this piece is looking for a home. Should you happen to know of a suitable space, do let me know. It would ideally require a light-well at least 18 and up to 24 meters high. The surface area of the light-well it was installed in was around 8m x 10m. Some adaptation would probably be required according to the space - to ensure adequate fixing points for the cables and long-term security - without, of course, impinging on the essential qualities of the piece. Should you be interested therefore, I will make myself available for the installation process.

Photos by Simone de Greef

Note - whilst the mass of earth under the ground-stone was a long ruminated solution to certain technical issues in order to emphasize the mass of the rock (and inspired by Heidegger's rift, or the gap between Earth and World in Heidegger's philosophy), the 'puddle' was a rapidly conceived solution to the late request by the organisers to create a barrier for security reasons. They had suggested gaffer tape, as a psychological barrier, which would have severely impinged on the appropriation of the full volume of the space by the installation. I chose to do something which maintained a certain logic with the installation, but would have done something else had I had more time (such as placing the ground-stone on a small hill of earth, extending outwards for a sufficient radius to ensure security).

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Keywords: Stone, Suspension, Broken, Architectural, Installation, Wabi Sabi

Subjects: Mortality

Styles: Conceptual, Abstract, Fine Art

Mediums: Fiber, Stone

Materials: Stone, Other

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