Living Room

Size: 98.4 H x 177.2 W x 216.5 in

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Art Description

Installation: Mixed Media

Living Room is a space containing 3 dimensional painting like objects that deconstruct what makes up a painting for a more physical awareness. The arrangement creates a performative and exploratory approach for the spectator. The installation re establishes the act of spectatorship as a performance as the sari fabrics and the movements of the visitor affect the suspended circular structures.

Minimal movement phrases occur in the work in the form of a gradual progression of spherical movements made by a dancer. This is used to subtly tie the spectator into being part of this performative painterly environment, as the body of the performer and the spectator are put on an even playing field.

The title Living Room denotes ideas of home and the everyday. The sari fabric are for me everyday as I have seen my mother wear them throughout my childhood. The fabrics create large abstract washes of colour in space, something like a large 3 dimensional brush mark yet these are constantly in flux. The washes are ever in progression and change, much like the everyday.

The space comments on the performance of my art making in process as a dancer and a painter. Fundamentally the space wants to incorporate the spectators movements with my paintings, the ephemerality of the situation I have arranged makes this into an unusual choreographic, painterly environment.

Wooden mdf circular structures
My mothers sari fabris that she once wore
Ultramarine lighting filters
Ultramarine raw pigment
Gum tragacanth
Kathak bells
Cotton rope
Ultramarine dye
Clear casting resin

Keywords: Performance, Sari, Ultramarine, INDIAN, Circles

Subjects: Abstract

Styles: Abstract

Mediums: Mixed Media


Prints: Abstract Art Prints, Abstract Art Prints, Mixed Media Art Prints

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