"self reflection" Installation by Colin Baldwin

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Art Description

Installation: Paper, Glass, Ink on Cardboard, Glass.

I can take a selfie just like Kim K. But how does her selfie affect mine? How does her selfie affect my own self-understanding? Do I draw strength from her photos? Do I feel connected to my favourite celebrity when I view their selfie? Do I reexamine my life and feel inadequacy? Do I examine her life and feel anger? Insecurity?

The selfies on this box have been viewed by millions of people. These selfies elicit strong and varied reactions including jealousy, love, hate, caring support, and sexual aggression as evidenced by the comments. Each image has had some effect on the viewer, and to some extent on society at large.

The inside of the box is black, featuring a mirror at the bottom. It is impossible for the audience to look at themselves inside the box without consuming something from the selfies on the outside the box.

We live in a world where our own lives are increasingly influenced and filtered by celebrities and influencers. With the celebrity selfie we get a small piece of intimacy with someone we look up to; what do we give in return?



"self reflection"

Colin Baldwin



Size: 12 W x 12 H x 12 in

This artwork is not for sale.