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New Media
Size: 40 H x 32 W x 0.1 in

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Art Description

New Media: Ink and Digital on Other.

In a fit of nonspiration I drew a chicken in a cigarette. That rooster happened to be an Americana, and that sparked a whole process of thought about the machismo hipster culture that I find myself on the fringe of; American Spirit Cigarettes, old F100 trucks, PBR, jean jackets, backyard chickens, etc.

I find myself drawn to this culture and repulsed by the narrow profile in which I might be seen after 10 years of unconscious transformation.

To be honest I have no jean jacket (and no predilection to them), and I've never been cool enough to smoke American Spirits. As for everything else, I came about it honestly, and, later, a subculture of people with similar interests emerged.

Regardless, as men, we all struggle to figure out what manhood means, and this image is a decent example of where I am now.

Keywords: Pop, Rooster, Rugged, Satire, Americana, Lowbrow, Chicken, Cigarette, Alternative, Midcentury Modern, Masculinity, Orange

Subjects: Humor

Styles: Illustration, Pop Art, Modern, Surrealism

Mediums: Ink, Digital

Materials: Other

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