Blitz (Limited Print) Artwork by Josina den Burger

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Art Description

New Media: Algorithmic Art, Digital, Screenprinting, Photo, New Media on Aluminium, Paper.

In the end of 2006 I started working in the Metaverse, looking for new possibilities in computer and Art. Experimenting with New Art, building hyperformal. Hyperformalism is abstraction with no references to the material space or references to the figure. Also, Hyperformalism focuses on the native conditions and capacities of the virtual world and includes behaviors concepts only possible in the telepresent virtual environment. Co-Founder of C.A.R.P Cybernetic Art Research Projects. Co-writer of the Metaverse books, writer of several Art books like: "Experiments", "The Golden Paintings", "Hyperforms and Digital Art". Since over 6 years developing New Art in the Metaverse (Virtual Worlds). Creating new Digital Art by building 3D sculptures on the "Grid', script them so they move, get flexible, rotate etc, create the textures. Photographe in High Resolution. After all that it is professionally printed on Epson Art Paper and glewed on Alluminim with an Acrlylat layer

The Hyperformal Art I create is also a way to make feelings visible, the brightness of the forms and colors appeal to a sensation of freedom and emotions like flying into a new universe I create myself.

Keywords: phantasy, universe, virtual, digital art, New Media, virtual reality, Metaverse Art , Virtual abstract

Keywords: abstract, fantasy, digital art, virtual reality, Metaverse Art



Blitz (Limited Print)

Josina den Burger


New Media

Size: 25.2 W x 12.6 H x 2 in

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