Brisement de Cœur, Hommage à Jacques Monory - Limited Edition of 25 Artwork by Nissan Leviathan

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Brisement de cœur - Hommage à Jacques Monory, Detail 1
Brisement de cœur - Hommage à Jacques Monory, Detail 2
Brisement de cœur - Hommage à Jacques Monory, Detail 3
Brisement de cœur - Hommage à Jacques Monory, Detail 4
Brisement de cœur - Hommage à Jacques Monory, Detail 5

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Brisement de Cœur, Hommage à Jacques Monory - Limited Edition of 25

Nissan Leviathan


New Media

Size: 47.2 W x 31.5 H x 0.9 D in

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Art Description

New Media: Digital, Dye Transfer, Color, Full spectrum, Manipulated on Aluminium, Paper.

Jacques Monory was a French Pop Art painter, who expressed his concern about the daily reality of alienation and violence, through magnificent yet often times disturbing and intimidating works, largely applying on his palette blue color nuances. His painting 'Technicolor no. 13', which is part of my private collection, depicts a rare contrast to Monory's prevailing theme - a handsome couple enjoys a relaxing dinner in a totally calm scene, painted in fuchsia and yellow, on top of the blue.

‘Brisement de Cœur, Hommage à Jacques Monory’ – ‘Heartbreak, Homage to Jacques Monory’ - takes this pastoral scenery and, with the help of a bullet shot, makes it coexist in harmony with Monory's prevalent violence notion.

As most of my artworks, which are about fantastic realities that cannot take place in real life, so is this one. Yet, I have tried to preserve Monory’s own style, so that my additions blend with his original as smoothly as possible, as if he himself painted it. Many of Monory’s works portray broken and smashed glass, as well as bullets, guns and rifles, which at times he himself used to shoot in order to stage the scene. Therefore, as soon as I fully understood the nature of my objective – turning Monory’s original calm scene into a violent one - it was obvious to me that I should turn the original painting to a smashed glass. Moreover, it was clear that I should use a bullet shot, convinced that Monory himself would do the same.

Monory’s style is characterized in part by his accuracy and fidelity to details, as small as they may be. In this work I endeavored to be accurate and faithful to every detail as well. For example, I made sure to break the glass as a real bullet shot would do, as well as to make glass shards of various sizes, as they would be created by a real bullet. In addition, I created a cloud of microscopic glass particles that trails the bullet, just like in reality. I was honored to know Monory personally, and I truly believe that should he have painted this work, he would have done it by attentively paying attention to all these details.

This artwork is my original design, which I conceived, fashioned, modeled, textured, painted and finally photographed on my computer screens, using a selection of specialized 2D and 3D software programs.

This artwork is the product of a still image frame that I have chosen from a 3D animation which I first created.

For this artwork I have chosen to use the chromaluxe dye sublimation aluminum printing technique. It is lightweight and a visually stunning, vibrant and durable fine art print.

The chromaluxe prints are produced using a technology called sublimation, where unique dyes are infused in a heat press directly into specially coated aluminum sheets, resulting in outstanding print quality. In addition, these chromaluxe prints are flame, water, scratch and fade resistant.

The artwork is titled, numbered, dated and signed on the back. A duly signed Certificate of Authenticity is included.