Comodern Flux - Limited Edition 1 of 30 Artwork by Mr Bartle

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Scanned original drawings, flying fish, flowers and an astronaut outside the motel
Maybe my favourite part, i love the red on the yellow, eagles talking at he gas station, a totem owl on guard
Tiger sun in the sky keeping watch, the army on manoeuvres while Bear looks on
Angry street god defeated, american balloon trapped, original drawing and threads and flowers
Tiger painted coloures slinks, dog jaw building and rattlesnakes abroad

Art Description

New Media: Digital, Manipulated, Photo on Paper.

This is a mix of a lot of ideas fused toegther, fish, people and animals living together in a world that has been chopped, and crashed, smashed and reassembled. Comodern Flux was a title that came about after it was finished and seemed to suit the way in which modern life is made of snippets of hundreds of pieces of information, it's a lot to take in, a lot for the senses, and it's in constant flux around me, around everyone. It includes original drawings, images from stock lirbaries - my preferred source as it allows me to instantly find high res images as the ideas come to me. The pool is closed for maintenance, food is for hire, fish swim through the space above the world, a royal carriage walks through a war. It's a world you're welcome to come to.



Comodern Flux - Limited Edition 1 of 30

Mr Bartle

United Kingdom

New Media

Size: 19.5 W x 13.8 H x 0 in

Ships in a Tube

Shipping included

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