Construction #07 - Limited Edition of 20 Artwork by Jason Irvin

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Frame and mat is not included.
Framed on a wall.

Art Description

New Media: Vector, Ink, Paper, Photo, Digital on Paper.

Ideally, the work is to take complexity and fitting it into a simple package. First, it’s important that I mention one of my favorite influences, and that would be the art movement, Constructivism. Constructivism focuses on the use of modern building materials and how they are forged together, rather than, making an aesthetically-pleasing composition. As an artist, I borrow this idea of the materials becoming the subject of the work, while retaining the aesthetically pleasing composition. I’m not so sure I completely believe Constructivist did not care about the overall aesthetic of there work, as I was personally drawn into Constructivism because I found it aesthetically pleasing, however that is a discussion for a different day. With that said, there are actually no physical materials used in my work other than the paper that it is printed on. What I use in place of physical materials are an assortment of digital photographs; photographs that I have taken of various textured surfaces. The essence of the materials is what I'm interested in. With a camera I can capture close up samples of what things are made of.

Through my day I collect texture samples by photographing and then cataloging them for future use. A work begins by selecting an arrangement of photos. I then overlap and blended a mixture of photos together; adding some color until I achieve the desired look. At this point I have created a backdrop that is subtle but full of nuances. At first glance it is hard to determine what the surface is made of. It is as if I have invented my on surface. In a way, It is the use of found objects and collage in the work.

What stands out when you view the work is what appears to be a three dimensional object which is just a simple design using basic geometric forms. You see this form centered in the middle of the composition. What is being done here is setting up a space of importance, as done in a classic portrait of a nobleman, or still life of a priceless vase. The eye is drawn to this figure as it demands your attention. While viewing the figure, one notices the effect of the optical illusions installed into the forms. This gives the composition a sense of movement and contrast to entertain the viewer. Once you drift from the main form to the background, one notices the nuances of the layered photographs.

As described, these abstracts are made of moving parts. They take on an array of processes to achieve there final outcome. All this is hidden, however, to achieve a bold minimalist design, but these complexities are shown through subtle nuances through out the work. Printed at 300 dpi on Epson cotton based watercolor paper with a iPF8400 Canon Printer, they measure to 32 inches high by 24 inch wide and includes a 2 inch white border. The work has a one time printing of an edition of 20, signed, and numbered. When purchased they will be shipped rolled carefully with acid free paper and placed in a protective tube.



Construction #07 - Limited Edition of 20

Jason Irvin

United States

New Media

Size: 24 W x 32 H x 0.1 in

Ships in a Tube

Shipping included

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