Distant Second

United States

New Media
Size: 8 H x 8 W x 1 in

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Art Description

New Media: Ink and Digital on Paper.

This piece was created by hand drawing the elephant, then scanning it in, digitally coloring it, and adding elements in the background.

This palette worked very well with the piece and allowed for an earthy, but also modern feel.

Elephants hold a special place in many of our hearts. We admire their intelligence, communal spirit, and love. We feel the loss of their lives deeply, as their life expectancy mirrors our own, and, standing next to one of these creatures brings a sense of our real and meager size on earth. They connect us to the earth in ways that no other animal is able, and remind us of the delicate lives we hold in our hands as humans.

Keywords: Safari, Soft, Sun, Bright, Africa, Colors, Boho Chic, Earthy, Elephant, Midcentury, Flow, Modern

Subjects: Animal

Styles: Figurative, Illustration, Fine Art, Modern, Pop Art

Mediums: Ink, Digital

Materials: Paper

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