COMO Painting by Polina Ogiy

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Art Description

Painting: Oil on Canvas.

Lake-Feminine, the humidity, the habitat of monsters, magical female forces, like "the Lady of the Lake". Contemplation as his reflection, and the spirits of the lake, who lived, in palaces full of jewels. The analogue of natural mirror, the lake as such, the surface (surface mirror), is the possibility of contemplation, reflection and revelation. Symbolizes the idea of "levels," water is always connected with the relations between deep and surface, external and internal, and the lake represents "transparency". Related to the concept of the level: everything is low in space, is identified with "low" in spirituality (something negative, destructive, fatal). The symbol of water has a lot to do with the symbol of the abyss, confirms the fatal implication of the value of the lake: fluid particles always provide a transition from life to death, from the hardness to gazoobraznom, designed to neoformans. China Tu-and (see BA-gua), waters, collected together, receptive wisdom, absorption, the personification of moisture, and passivity. Egypt This phenomenon the priests of the ancient Egyptian God of Kabaka played as a ritual in artificial lakes. ??? The personification of "Gil" (hyle) of the Lower Waters of the primal (the same symbolism as that of the water depth ). In the temple of the God Amun at Karnak was the artificial lake, which at certain times of the day throughout the year a group of priests had to swim to the boat, imitating thus the "night journey" of the sun (19). In the system of hieroglyphs is a schematic view of a lake expresses the mystery and mystique: the sun "spends the night" in the underground lake. Celtica the Country of the dead lies on the shore of a lake or ocean (likely from observations of the sun that sets for "water"), the death of a person by analogy with the approach was understood as the descent into the depths of the earth. In legends about king Arthur is associated with feminine charms, but more widely — with chaos, death, and the mysterious nightly disappearance of the sun (the last observations of the day with vetrom, plunging into the water of the lake). The Celtic ritual of throwing into lakes trophies as gifts to the spirits of the lake, due to the relationship between the Lady of the lake and the sword Excalibur in the legends of king Arthur. Antiquity Dionysus descended to the underworld through a lake.

Тишина кристальная внутри.
Снеговых вершин гиганты
Охлаждают сердце вопреки
Грандиозною картиной мироздания

Озера зеркальная волна
Пусть ласкает слух неспешно
Женщина, влюбленная в тебя
Превратилась в ветер нежный.

И садов цветущих блеск
Лепестков опавших нежность
Защемит вдруг сердце, свет
Слезы гор ,как неизбежность.

Вы рыдайте за меня ,
Напоите кровью камень..
Горы небо и вода ,
Вы свидетели признания.

Я люблю дыша в смятении,
Задыхаясь красотой ,я живу ,
И вся вселенная
Горько плачет надо мной.
Pollin 2014





Polina Ogiy



Size: 17.7 W x 13.8 H x 0.6 in

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