Dancing in the Void Painting by Cherie Roe Dirksen

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Photo from the Rocking Art Exhibition
Close up of painting and mixed media
Artist and guests at the Rocking Art Exhibition with painting in background
Close up of painting and mixed media

Art Description

Painting: Spray Paint, Household, Acrylic, Paper, Pastel on Canvas.

This painting was part of the Rocking Art Exhibition held at the Karoo Art Hotel (23/12/2016 - 05/01/2017).

It is painting no. 4 from my Rock Art Series. You can read more about what this series is all about at my site: http://cherieroedirksen.com/the-rock-art-series/

This painting was subliminally/intuitively painted to the music of one of the best bands to come out of Britain.

I paint whatever the music invokes. I have blogged about the whole experience (with 'start to finish' photographs) — you can read that here: http://cherieroedirksen.com/2013/03/06/dancing-with-the-void-pink-floyd-rock-art-painting-photographs/. You can read about all the emotions that came up whilst creating this piece here: http://cherieroedirksen.com/2013/03/13/balancing-the-yin-and-yang-the-true-story-behind-dancing-in-the-void-pink-floyd/

Some of the keywords of this picture that came up were:

-Discord, revolt, rebel
-Suppressed emotion
-Metal, cold, steel, cutting, taking lives
-Centers around the Void
-Paternal painbody
-Relief to be voicing/heard
-Yin & Yang balance

This was quite a hard painting to get out, it took a lot out of me but was worth it in the end.



Dancing in the Void

Cherie Roe Dirksen

South Africa


Size: 30 W x 30 H x 1.6 in

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