Size: 36 H x 48 W x 1.3 in

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  • 1908
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Art Description

Painting: Oil on Canvas.

Inspired by the "physiognomical concept" - This concept was practiced by the most renowned artists. The concept denotes that, completely symmetrical faces are distracting and are not perceived as normal. Symmetry is only found in a mirror image or under a mechanical influence.

You can never find two things are totally the same in the world. Not only are your two eyes different, but also one of your hand or feet is bigger than the other."

Perfection lies in God's hand alone, not the human hand.

My works are based on such a concept, notice; the formation, how the head shifts, and eyes are a bit imperfect in relevance, yet balanced. Our obsession with the human face starts from the moment we open our eyes; they are the first thing we learn how to read and love.

I find little pleasure in fame. Visual arts to me, is all about visually pleasing images. The way I express my skills, color harmony, strokes and balance keeping in mind the physiognomical aspect and golden ratio is to set my viewers in a certain positive stance. You see, the great artists of the past, were aware that the human life is full of chaos and suffering. But they had a remedy for this, and the name of that remedy was "beauty".

Keywords: Pop, Pop Art, NCA, Pencil Drawing, Art Works, Mahmood Hayat, Art Of Portraiture, Hayat Paintings,, Arts

Subjects: Women

Styles: Abstract Expressionism, Figurative, Modern, Realism, Pop Art

Mediums: Oil

Materials: Canvas

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