Hybrid Playground Painting by Edith Torony

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Hybrid Playground

Edith Torony



Size: 59.1 W x 78.7 H x 1.2 in

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Hybrid Playground

Edith Torony


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Artist featured in a collection

Art Description

Painting: Acrylic, Spray Paint on Canvas.

Junkyard Symphony

In the "Junkyard Symphony" series I keep studying the same space from the periphery of the city where I live, space which I explore since 2012 through various techniques: photography, digital manipulation or painting. Between 2013 and 2014 I studied in this area the animal trough, as an element that is found in almost all the works from the "Vertical Absorption" series. As I ended the series, consistent with the changes that have undergone to this space, after the expansion of the city and the inhabitation area which now is more accessible to humans, there began to appear all kinds of plastic waste, synthetic residues, from bright and colorful packaging, to plastic tubes, unaesthetic power poles and wires, all kinds of objects that caught my eye, everything what was thrown away or not integrated in the view. Although I start from a real, existing place that is very close to me, I transform it through my work according to certain events, to everything that I collect during the days. Therefore the name of "junkyard", a sort of recycle bin of the memory, of the unconscious, sometimes these elements are indescribable, to which I do not find meaning or the origin. A sort of personal archeology as a chaotic landscape, populated with all kinds of rejected objects that we no longer need, abstract representations, sometimes with figurative origins, always at the edge. An apparent beauty of everything that is residue, attractive packaging, but lacking content. A desolate space, invaded by everything we don`t need anymore, which we can't get rid of easily. Beginning with the two works with the title "Party Is Over" in 2015, which represent the debris left by people on the beach after they had a good time, I went ahead with the same subject in the "Periphery of Memory" series, thus symbolically transmitting to a mental dimension and gradually reaching the series "Junkyard Symphony" , an ode to chaos and reconstruction, to recomposition, reducing everything to a recycled playground so typical for a second-hand world of our time, from which we can not recant.




Artist Recognition

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