Ismail Kadare Painting by Zhuljan Paçuku

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Art Description

Painting: Oil on Aluminium, Canvas, Soft (Yarn, Cotton, Fabric), Other.

In the center of my artistic research stands the man as a being far too complex, mystical and

contradictory at the same time... He is a being in concern that puts itself into infinity and where

change is just as important as his own existence. For me the depth and complexity of the human

soul (and the soul as an existence of everything) is the mean for artistic dialogue. Affection and

artistic structure are inseparable and moreover complete each other. Contradiction lies on

instability and anxiety of change, while mysticism is the depth of the soul.

Human Dialogue (soul) with reality remains in the core of my creativity. The way that this

interaction unfolds, the traces this conflict leaves, like an ongoing reaction, composes the light and

the core of my work. Time, history, rationality, subjectivity, affection, character, consciousness

unconscious, etc. are all elements of this magical divine reaction (in the sense that Jung had for this

phrase) where the artist tries to find the appropriate language to express it.

But man is also a social being that often his universe and originality stand as a parallel shadow. It

is needed for him to chew a social system where he grows and transforms. In our age to be a part

of the system constitutes the obligation of unavoidable existential. Being active in a group is

safety, where the individual`s participation is a necessity for the survival of the group itself. But the

ideal that guides the system often does not match with the ideal of the individual as a being for

being. That`s why the attraction to subjectivity and the world`s affection is inevitable.

My characters stand in an unrealistic world, probably in a deaf emptiness where the individual

imposes his state. He is a contradiction, a withdrawn consequence and he sees his revolt on the

removal of reality. He is a trace, or better a historic fossil where everything is condensed to

himself. Monologue is an urgent issue.




Ismail Kadare

Zhuljan Paçuku



Size: 23.2 W x 25.6 H x 1.6 in

This artwork is not for sale.





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