Malachite Cosmos


Size: 15.7 H x 15.7 W x 1 in

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Art Description

Painting: Enamel, Gouache, Tempera, Ceramic and Acrylic on Canvas.

There is a saying that goes "as above so below..." and that is one brief expression which states many, many fundamental truths regarding the nature of existence, life and the entire universe.
Everybody can do their own search for meaning, if they choose to, and try to see for themselves what is the meaning of such a claim that "as above so below".
Let's find some examples.
The shape of human brain resembles that of a small walnut. And if you look at some broccoli, you would notice a striking similarity there, too.
If you look at a white cloud, you will find a similarity to for example the froth in your cappuccino!
Look into someone's eyes and at some beautiful astro-photography and you will see how much alike the two pictures may be at times. Look at how water flows away from obstacles and then try to recall a day when you managed to solve a seemingly stuck situation just by flowing with it. The obstacle dissolved, because you behaved like flowing water. And these are just some ideas to point you towards that general truth.

Of course I love the cosmos and I intend to make many paintings using more liquid and blending colours.

This beautiful piece of artwork is SOLD to a Private Collection, in Slovakia.

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Keywords: Sky, Space, Stars, Yoga, Cosmos, Unconditional Love, Night Sky, Matteo Sica, Colour Wave Art, Abstract, Meditation, Mystical

Subjects: Outer Space

Styles: Abstract Expressionism, Fine Art

Mediums: Enamel, Gouache, Tempera, Ceramic, Acrylic

Materials: Canvas

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