Mind-mapping 01-E1 Painting by Jungwoo Hong

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Art Description

Painting: Airbrush, Acrylic, Ballpoint Pen on Canvas.

My ‘mind’ is a major subject in my art, whilst too abstract to objectify. However, ‘mind’ is in my art defined as a thing that I sense or feel by conscious or unconscious in my daily life. It could be visualized as momentary or spontaneous actions or movements of my body, which is called as ‘doodling’ in my works.

Momentary conscious or unconscious happen to generate bodily movements, which continue to create lines. Filling in the space (canvases or papers), the lines might reveal waves or changes of my bodily moves, and end up transforming in some uncertain shapes looking like symbols, signs, numbers and letters. However, I might not understand or recognize these shapes or images. Carl Jung (1875-1961, a Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst) refers to ‘dream’ as an example of this phenomenon. He says that uncertain or unacquainted situations, space, people, things; they could be all inner language in one’s mind inside. These things could be a symbol or sign that represent one’s mind and its requirement or desire unconsciously. In the level where they happen to come up in real, they may be defined as a natural symbol that reflects extremely personal part of one’s mind.
Again the major methodology is doodling in my artworks. It may transfer changes or waves in my mind to physical actions; from lines to some images or symbols. As Carl Jung says, those shapes seem to be puzzles that my unconscious casts to me. Thus, doodling lines, I encounter the mystery images, whilst I am mapping my mind.



Mind-mapping 01-E1

Jungwoo Hong

South Korea


Size: 7.9 W x 7.9 H x 1.2 in

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